Wisdom Words

There have been decades when I moved through life at warp speed, by necessity. Now, cognizant of the fleeting nature of time, “where am I rushing to?” is a question I often ask myself. Although COVID-19 has changed realities significantly for many of us, dashing through life still seems like an embedded part of our culture. As a proficient multi-tasker, I often have multiple (incoherent) balls in the air at the same time, even though I recognize that I’d probably be more fully present by doing one-thing-at-a time. (I’m a work in progress)

Many people get to the end of this life, realizing that not only haven’t they taken the time to smell the proverbial roses (or oranges or brownies), they haven’t even looked for them. And, racing through life isn’t the only, less-than-healthy thing that we humans do.

Pondering that awareness opened my mind to other practices that could bring more balance to the time we have left.

“Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.”
Paul McCartney

Wisdom Words

• don’t judge people by how they look or talk—sadly this is pervasive
• practice voluntary simplicity—choose to live with less to live more
• the first draft is rarely the last—the story keeps changing

• be gentle with yourself—like you’d be with someone you love
• laugh as often as possible—it releases endorphins
• many things are just not that serious—especially in hindsight

• maximize your happiness, kindness, and health—you deserve that
• see everyday life through a brighter lens—not one with smoke, roses or strobe lights
• items don’t need to be expensive to be valuable—what would you try to save in a flood or fire

• do less of what leaves you feeling “bad”—obvious, but bears repeating
• speak with integrity and say what you mean—even when it’s tough
• perfection is the enemy of getting things done—I’m sometimes guilty of that

• try not to take things personally—what others say is a projection of their realities
• don’t try to do everything flawlessly—paint, sing, build a lego house, try something new
• how we interact with the world dictates how others react to us—what are your actions saying 

• practice immunity to the negative opinions of others—yep, easier said than done, but worth it
• minimize electronic stimuli—spend time with a human instead
• what makes your spirit sing, do more of—earth time is not limitless

• don’t make assumptions—instead lean into truly knowing
• look for the light in the dark—especially when it feels like you’re wearing blinders
• how you use this week, this day, this hour changes life—yep, the one you’re living right now

“And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be.”
Paul McCartney

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