Gratitude, Even in the Chaos

Gratitude is an “Amen, Thank You!” to our world. When we only see what we don’t have, we close the door to the joy that comes from acknowledging what we do have. Many people wish they could walk in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes, that’s jealousy-based, but more often, it’s the result of wanting lives more like what they presume (the critical word; we rarely know, entirely, what goes on in different lives) others experience.

Have you ever wished you could be more successful, outgoing, or funny, have more friends or money, a larger house, or a “better” body? Does your life ever seem to pale compared to everyone else’s?”

Quantum physics supports the concept that the more we express heart-filled, genuine gratitude, the more thankful we become. When you experience feeling grateful, you open your eyes to more things that fall into that category.

In advertising, this is called Top-of-Mind-Awareness. It’s what you immediately think of in a myriad of situations: where to have dinner, what car you’d love to own, where you’ll buy your next refrigerator. You, the consumer, create automatic responses because you’re continually exposed to—and influenced by— brands or businesses creating a positive bias toward certain things.

It’s the same with gratitude. The more we practice it, the more it becomes “top of mind.” Simple processes like saying, “Thank You God” before you even get out of bed, pave the way for a day—which leads to a week, then a month, then a year—of gratitude.

A Gratitude Exercise:
1. List all the positives you have in your life right now.
2. On another page, note what you’d change or add if “the sky’s the limit.”
3. Be realistic. Are those changes/additions doable? If so, go for it! If they’re not attainable right now, ask yourself how you could them happen in the future.
4. Recognize that the people, situations, or things from number 1 are a perfect “Gratitude Starting Point!”

We, humans, are often good at pointing out when things go wrong, but often forget to acknowledge when things are just plain fantastic. When wrapped in the “not enough” belief, we forget that, right now, hate is trying to kill love, poverty is rampant, and fellow humans are taking their last breaths. Take the time to be present in each moment, to smile, laugh, speak your truth, listen to others, and honor your journey.

Each day you’re given 86,400 new seconds to use—not leftovers from those wasted yesterday, nor advanced to you from those you’ll have tomorrow.  They’re yours for that one day. What if you use two each morning to say, “Thank You, God,” three-hundred expressing gratitude before filling your mind with everything else, and another sixty on appreciation for the health, people, food, and blessings you have? (That still leaves you with 86,038 seconds!)

Don’t let gratitude and awareness come to you too late, when:
• you lose someone you love; then recount all the wonderful shared times
• your career ends; then see the blessing that income was
• a friend moves away; then understand how valuable physical time together was
• your child grows up; then miss the joy

Sometimes when we feel most lost, we ultimately find the most joy. Understand, and honor fully, what is positive, instead of focusing on what “isn’t.” Stop to appreciate all you do have. Cherish and honor those who walk through life with you—the people you share laughter and joy with, those who are “there for you” when you need a shoulder to cry on. Then live, love, and express gratitude in the now. Really, what else is there?

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