Poetry Tuesday, April 2020


peace, peace, precious peace
pain, pain, poignant pain
hope, hope, honored hope
hate, hate, horrid hate
love, love, lasting love
loss, loss, lonely loss
faith, faith, fervent faith
fear, fear, fractious fear
peace, hope, love, faith
pain, hate, loss, fear 

all of these are part of life
which of these do we hold dear?


in the dark, i saw a light
and that light beckoned me to walk into it
and the light became brighter
and brighter
until i realized that i am the light
and that i am hope
and joy
and peace
and love
and kindness
whenever i choose it


at first, i heard
only urgent cries uttered in desperation
in the wrecked house of woe.
the staccato of the symphony of silence
played in the background.

then, i heard
pregnant pleas ripe with the possibility of
reimagining, rebuilding and reigniting
songs of the souls;
sacred songs of solidarity, sensitivity, and spirituality.

finally, i heard
each voice blending harmoniously with the next,
in music that fed all of our dreams,
reminding us of who we really are,
as wonder and warmth washed over us.

in the awakening of the world we find hope, 
not for something magical or tangible, 
but, hope for renewal and reinvigoration.  

nature sings,
harken! daffodils in the meadows
rejoice! fish in the lakes
awaken! trees of the village
serenade! birds of the forest  

for you are being given a fresh start,
a new beginning filled with promise
in this symbiotic relationship called “spring”

And, one for fun...


the fence was so high
it seemed like a barricade to the world
he stood in front of it and felt so small
he knew he’d never go over the fence

the fence was as tall as him
it seemed like it blocked his view
he put an upside-down bucket in front of it
he stepped on the bucket and climbed over the fence

the fence was shorter than him
it seemed like a challenge
he took a few steps back
he started running and jumped right over the fence

the fence was towering
it seemed as if as he shrank, it grew
he stared at it for a few minutes
he smiled and walked around the fence

We are creating every day (choices we make that are less-than-ideal, are part of the process too), and that creation happens even during times of crisis and challenge because our energy has been altered. As our world is being shaken to her core, we are being called to live into our highest selves—to be reflective, to reinvent, to restore by honoring the past and looking forward to the future.

The road ahead will be hard to navigate. There are many who are mourning losses or living in fear. Most of us do not have the ability to eradicate this virus, but we can stay the course by walking alongside those who are alone, those who need a listening voice and those who are afraid. And, we can choose to believe in miraculous outcomes.

“Voices”, “Choices”, “Getting Brighter”, “Spring” and “Perspective”, From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2020 kay mclane, peace full home.com®/intentional living, 2013-2020.

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Tuesday, April 2020

  1. Those are certainly more than “random thoughts”! ; ) Love your writings, Keep it up as Lord knows, we can all use some help to see light at the end of ANY tunnel. ❤


  2. “… we are being called to live into our highest selves—to be reflective, to reinvent, to restore by honoring the past and looking forward to the future”. Thank you for those wise words. I pray for your continued good health.


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