Finding Tanquility Now

We usually have some sense of which way our lives are headed, but one of the many lessons, during this time of upheaval is that: when we learn to embrace uncertainty by being present in the moments we have right now, we will have mastered honoring each day as the gift it is.

In light of what our world is battling, we are rethinking what has true value. Research shows that the people who are happiest are those with significant, meaningful relationships—“real” connections, where we’re invested in the lives of others. During this time, when the ability to connect in-person has been curbed, we don’t have the same experience of “life together,” but that doesn’t mean we should emotionally step back, especially from our circle of twelve 

The unknown has always been right outside our doors; it just never entered most of our homes in the way it is now. Change is constant; many more of us are now seeing that as truth. But, how we live into each day, is still up for grabs. We are called to be our highest selves always, but now, when that “unknown” is all around us—when we can’t run and hide from it—we need to accept it. New realities have forced us to step outside of “normal,” and reconsider and rewire, rethink day-to-day life.

Questions for Consideration:

• What beliefs that you’ve held up as “truth” are being challenged right now?

• What salve are you using to cover emotional or situational pain you’re experiencing?

• Have you become more aware and appreciative of how fragile life is?

• Have there been people, experiences, or situations that you’ve taken for granted, but now “see” for the value they have?

Practical Suggestions:

•Liberate yourself from some of your physical possessions. Instead of adding more—like shopping online to fill a void—reevaluate what you own, consider what really matters, then purge!

• Each day, make at least one phone call to someone who lives alone. This might be that person’s only human contact for the day.

• Stay connected; as the weeks go on, it gets easier and easier to stop reaching out.

• Write in a gratitude journal anything positive that comes to mind. Gratitude strengthens immune systems.

• Share your thoughts, fears, and questions on this blog; let us know how you’re doing.

• Create feelings of joy by connecting the dots to what’s made you feel happy in the past.

• Breathe, purposely inviting tranquility into your life.

COVID-19 has certainly changed our realities. Things that were “normal” like visiting friends in person or running to a store to fill a cart with groceries are now luxuries we wish we still had. We’ve taken so much for granted. We forgot to remember how blessed we are.

I sat at my desk early this morning, eyes closed, breathing slowly in and out, aware of the moment I was in. I heard birds starting to chirp. I opened my eyes, thinking it was my 7am alarm, but it was only 6:20. I recognized that the morning chorus was right outside my library window. Tears filled my eyes; tears of sorrow for all those fellow humans who are suffering, tears of joy for all I have in spite of the pain around us, but, mostly, tears of awareness for what I too often take for granted. I closed my eyes again and sat, in the almost quiet, in the almost safe, in the awareness of the great gift that is life. This moment, right now, is the one we must be in.


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