Empty or Full

“Different Views”

their upbringings and lives to this point were very similar;
they both knew good and bad, happiness and sorrow but,
they chose to walk through life very differently.

his house and life were full; overfull really, but
he was like an empty vessel; his heart devoid of love,
not believing in the possibility of meaningful human connection.

her heart was ready to birth joy into the world.
she saw seeds of love sprinkled on the ground everywhere she walked,
aware that love needs to be shared with others.

On Sunday, our pastor, Jo, talked about emptiness from a Biblical perspective. Part of what’s below is from my prayer after her beautiful message.

choosing to be full of life

Emptiness is something many of us humans have experienced and felt sad about. We often think of ’empty’ as a negative—a lack of; a sadness—but what if empty becomes an opportunity to bring into our lives that which helps us live into our highest selves? What if emptying out fears, struggles, and possessions gives us space to fill our souls?

We are often so over-full. The stuff of life rules so many realities and those things that we often hold up as “so very important” affect our connection with God and fellow humans. Sometimes we need to lose to gain; to empty out all to begin anew.

Your beliefs and sense of self-worth influence everything. You make choices every day (maintaining the status quo is an alternative too) and those decisions create your reality. You may decide to believe that all you’ll ever be is “an empty vessel” or you can choose to embrace a path that whispers “look closely and see the seeds of love”.

Love does not want to be put into an impenetrable container, shoved into the back of a dark cabinet and, then ignored. Your spirit is crying out, “I’m ready to see where I’ve been hurt; I’m ready to do some ‘heart exploration’; I’m ready to live fully”.

Love will always be there, calling to you, “let me out of the dark; believe in me because I believe in you.” Step intentionally onto the path of love. Go boldly and fully without reservation. That is what God and your spirit is yearning for you to do…because you do deserve that

“Different Views” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
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2 thoughts on “Empty or Full

  1. Your ability to write this comes from inspiration deep within, in unseen places. Ofttimes we see through eyes of clay that want to fill that “empty” corner or that space on the calendar. A different way of being longs for more liminal space to accommodate that which will last, soul food. Be blessed, my friend.


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