Paying Attention

I’m aware, so often, of the fragility of each moment (this one is slipping away as I finish this sentence). Most of us assume so much: that we’ll still be breathing at the end of this day, that our loved ones will continue to be part of our lives, that we’ll have food to eat and clean clothing to wear, that what we see outside our windows will remain our backdrop—the list goes on and on. But, it’s all so temporary and, caught up in the less-than-important, we often forget that.


i hear my heart beat in my body             
the one i rarely listen to, let alone thank

i stand on the precipice, ready to jump             
into life—real life; full life

i realize i should be afraid             
that i might fall or land in a place i didn’t expect

i believe that i have been to this moment before           
in my story; in my past

i have a knowing that is much more             
and much less—tiny really

i understand that the earth ebbs and flows              
even when i don’t pay attention

i know that what i see as real is              
simply an illusion contrived by my brain

i struggle with recognizing that             
we stand on a spinning orb

i am discovering myself              
perhaps too late, perhaps too early

i sense that if i let go, i will grow             
and if i hold on, i will die

i embrace my humanness knowing that              
all that is to come will be history the moment it occurs

i try to understand mystery             
big mystery, sacred mystery, God mystery

i trust that all that i have been to this moment              
has created who i am supposed to be

When we open our hearts to the awareness of the sacredness of our lives and see, in moments of truth and clarity, our value, a shift occurs. We walk with intentionality, we see the best in ourselves allowing us to see the best in others. Ego takes a back seat as hearts are opened. We choose ways of being, even in spite of challenges. 


The sun comes up every morning,
Even when she is obscured by the clouds she is there.
God, even when we don’t recognize that presence is there, too.

Our spirit, even in the chaos, even in the despair, is connected.
In the breaths, you don’t realize that you’re taking, there’s God.
So run beautiful human; valuable and whole just as you are.

Run deliriously and fearlessly into each day.
You are your truth, your aspirations, your gifts.
The moment that you’re in right now is all that’s guaranteed.

Open the door.
All is waiting for you.
Run with abandon.

This moment that you’re in right now is what matters. The moments that passed are gone. Future moments are never guaranteed. Human life will not be perfect; there will be bumps and bruises along the way. But, when you embrace your life—the experiences of it and the people in it with you—you live into the God/Spirit part of you. Beautiful human, what will you do with this day before you?

“Paying Attention” and “Rising Up” from Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2020 kay mclane, peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2020.

Twitter: @kaymclane
Instagram: @peace_full_home

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4 thoughts on “Paying Attention

  1. I love this thought, “i trust that all that i have been to this moment has created who i am supposed to be;” an essential component is trust. Sometimes, I step into my purpose in life by abandoning the fear of the unknown and just exercising trust. Thanks for taking the time to share that reminder. Bear fruit and be blessed, my dear friend.


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