Thought Processes

I Second Thoughts
How many times have you said something like:
“on second thought, I shouldn’t have hit ‘send’,
on second thought, I’ll have the asparagus instead of the broccoli,
on second thought, going to that party is not a good idea, or
on second thought, I don’t want to keep trying to be her friend”?

II Rushing Forward
Or, maybe you’re like a lot of people who don’t listen to that inner voice (the one that cautions you to make other choices) at all and you never give the decisions you make a second thought. You stay the course rather than stopping and saying, “on second thought that’s not good/healthy/appropriate/right/what I want.”

Many of us don’t fully consider our choices. Instead (in the same way we often process all of life) we rush headlong into the “flame”: the need for instant gratification, the desire, the feeling that if we don’t choose right now we’ll lose the opportunity. We ignore the “Danger Will Robinson” that B9 regularly uttered in Lost in Space.

III Overthinking
And, on the complete opposite side of rushing forward, are the times when we overthink every little thing, losing the opportunity to experience something vital or know someone deeply because the “what ifs” kick in:
“what if I invest in him and he’s really not a nice person,
what if I take this trip but I’m bored or lonely or not having fun,
what if I fail at this new job,
what if I really can’t be who I want to be?”

There’s a balance between second-guessing or overthinking everything, and always rushing headlong into the next thing. The key is discernment: thinking things through, listening to your inner voice, listening to God.

Sometimes, opportunities are missed because we spend too much deciding which way to go and there are times when jumping into something is like running full-force into a brick wall right in front of you thinking it will miraculously disintegrate before you hit it, but finding out that, nope, it’s still there and you’ve just run into a brick wall!

I believe that what most of us seek (outside of the tangible “things” of this world) are inclusion, trust, security, friendship, peace-of-mind, and love. And those, dear reader, are all completely worth going after.

I hope the coming week brings you the opportunity to realize your value, and the awareness to choose from your heart. Because you are worth it.

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