Taking For Grantedness-A Really Short Post

So, for the first time in my life, I locked my keys in my car (in the trunk to be exact). And, it was on a (very) hot summer day. My thoughts in order (yep, I actually wrote them down):

“Wow, that was REALLY stupid!”
“That’s what you get for rushing!”
“Now, I’m going to have to call AAA.”
“How long is THAT going to take?
“I have so much to do today.”
“It’s 88° and there’s no shade!”
“Well, there’s nothing I can do about that!
“I guess I need to see if I can find shade.”
“Thank God for AAA.”
“At least it’s a beautiful day.”
“The tow truck is only 5 minutes away.”
“I’m glad I have some cash to tip the service person.”
“How cool is it to have a car to drive around in?”

Sitting at my desk, writing this, remembering that day, I actually laughed out loud. In the two months since that crazy, hot, late August day, a whole lot of life has happened. Parts have been downright painful, some annoying and many pretty mundane. But, there have been times when my world was filled with peace; when moments of tranquility crashed into and took over the chaos.

I know how blessed I am. I understand not only the fragile nature of life but also the clarity of love. And in that space, I find God…waiting for me to ask for help when I need it; reminding me that I just have to open the door.

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2 thoughts on “Taking For Grantedness-A Really Short Post

  1. That’s such a perfect example of our varying thought processes! It’s not always easy to take a deep breath and be okay with whatever is happening until later (when you can take a deep breath and reflect back on what happened)!

    Thank you for your writings.


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