21,915 Days

Today—having lived 21,915 days on our planet—marks the end of my first six decades in this life.

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful card from Larry. I had breakfast with one of my dear friends. My grandchildren and daughter called to proclaim “Happy 60th Birthday!”, and I’ve received beautiful serenades left on my phone, as well as other voice and text messages from my family and friends.

I’ll leave shortly to hear the Bach Choir perform and have lunch, with my other daughter, then I’ll spend time with my grandchildren, and finally have dinner (which Larry will prepare) with my entire family.

I never forget how incredibly blessed I am. Sitting here now, I recognize, so profoundly, the intangible joys of my life—things that I can’t hold; things that can’t be bought, but rather, experiences of sharing, and time together walking through life.

Often, our lives cross others’ and there’s a sense of awareness of the synchronicity of the spirit, and I have, regularly, been the benefactor of that energy.

So, today, here are my six decades (6 words with 10 ideas) worth of offerings for some of the ways we can live into our best lives—so that we can be aware and live with intention:

1. thinking and saying, “once this is over” or “once I get through this week/situation”—if we’re always living for the future, we’ll die waiting
2. to reach out to and encourage someone who needs a shoulder to lean on, or a hand to hold
3. long enough to create a sense of calm
4. and heal yourself from whatever demons you’re still carrying with you
5. and hear your inner voice
6. to actively pursue happiness
7. sabotaging your joy
8. being so hard on yourself
9. being judgmental—we don’t all march to the beat of the same drum
10. living with regrets—we can’t redo the past

11. what you already have, instead of always wishing for something else
12. you’re freedom (of speech, of decision-making, of choosing) because too many don’t have those options
13. the abilities you have (especially the ones that are often taken for granted—like hands flying across a keyboard to write a blog post)
14. your family and friends
15. being alone—be comfortable, and at peace, with yourself
16. sitting down and sharing a meal with someone
17. unexpected joy—don’t think, “where did this come from, I don’t deserve this”
18. your intuitive urgings—take a chance and listen to them
19. being quietly attuned to nature around you
20. those who went before us, and paved the way for our freedoms

21. what you mean—what you really mean, not what you think you’re supposed to say
22. “please”
23. what’s on your mind—yes, it does have value
24. “thank you”
25. positive things about yourself, to yourself
26. “I’m sorry” (but only when you mean it)
27. what feels like your truth
28. “I love you” often—and not only to family members but to friends as well
29. the things that are on your heart to those you love before it’s too late and they’ve moved onto Spirit Side
30. “Thank You, God”

31. forget your dreams
32. ignore those most important to you
33. do something that’s against your core value system
34. stop celebrating all you have to be grateful for
35. verbally or mentally “beat yourself up”
36. forget to give “soul” to your life experiences (don’t live them on the surface)
37. be a passerby in your own life
38. stop learning and growing
39. forget to encourage others to be their best selves
40. give up yearning for truth, and light, and understanding

41. kind—it’s so underrated
42. courageous—if you believe in yourself, you can move mountains
43. aware—of the issues in our world; of people around you
44. honest—with yourself about who you are; then stop pretending you’re someone you’re not
45. willing to forgive (which is not the same as forgetting or being okay with something); forgiving helps you move on
46. patient—especially when it’s tough
47. loving—especially when it’s tough
48. accepting—of others who think differently or talk differently
49. open to change, because once we stopping accepting change, we stop growing
50. a curator of your own life, creating what you want your purpose to be

51. fully—in each and every moment
52. with less—because most of us have far too much
53. enthusiastically
54. with gratitude and the innate knowledge of your worth
55. with an open mind
56. in tranquility
57. with authenticity
58. inspired moments—they will carry you far when you feel like the weight of the world is on your back
59. with spiritual awe—actually thinking about the magnanimous nature of your creation
60. peace-fully and joy-fully

This is the beautiful image I was gifted with, this morning, as I drove down my street—a beautiful rising sun, in a stunning sky.
Thank You, God!

Thank you, Dear Readers, for all you give to me. Thank you for walking this journey with me.
With love (as always),

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10 thoughts on “21,915 Days

  1. Yes how truly blessed you are to be surrounded by your family this day and hope you enjoy every minute! Your post was amazing …. thank you for sharing! Love you. ❤

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