The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the place,
the chatter gave way to a quieter space.

The presents are stacked, although all now unwrapped,
and Vero, the puppy, is taking a nap.

The children are playing with new games and toys,
remembering gladly the fun and the noise.

We sat with our hot tea and talked about years
that quickly flew by amid laughter and cheer.

Then downstairs we suddenly heard a loud clatter;
we sprang from our chairs to see what was the matter.

Away down the steps we flew in a hurry
to make sure that there was no reason to worry.

There, sitting down, laughing were two little ones—
simply enjoying more holiday fun.

When what to my wondering eyes did I see,
the nativity near the grand Christmas tree.

It was old and quite loved, with its paint chipped a bit;
the timing was perfect, for a moment to sit,

and the old and the treasured memories they came,
so I reached out and held them and called them by name:

“Now laughter, now patience, now love, care and grace,
oh kindness and comfort and joy fill our space.

From youngest to oldest, from the short to the tall,
may God bring good health and presence to all.”

As I walk through this life, living day after day,
may I always take note of the role that I play.

So to God did I then send a short, fervent prayer
that through each precious day I am always aware,

that to share with my loved ones, beautiful days
is a present that I must cherish always.

And then, as I thought of the life I’ve been granted
I knew that the seeds of love had been planted,

as a child of God and a child of man—
as a spirit residing, as a part of a plan.

I went back to my youth and remembered the days
after Christmas, and how I would just sit and play

with toys given freely—even when times were tough—
and I cherished the memory of being so loved.

So I said, to my grandchildren “come here my dears”,
and I gave them a hug through my now flowing tears.

Then, I talked to my daughters, and told them again
how much I love them and how much it meant

that the gifts that they’d given were thoughtful and kind;
that they took love and insight and caring and time.

And I remembered all of the years that I’ve had
and the gifts I’ve been given when happy and sad.

Some know nothing of peace or of a holiday;
some have never had someone help them to pray.

There are those who are starving or who live in pain;
there are many for whom no hope does remain.

I recall Christmas Eve and how blessed was that night,
when we sang out at church amid calm candlelight.

When I look at my life, and all those that I love,
I’m aware of God’s gift of His Son—from above.

Where Christmas lives always, should be in my heart
and it’s there that I strive with each day to start,

for I know that our God is always in sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all peace and light.

With love,

Twitter: @kaymclane
Instagram: @peace_full_home


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