Grace & Privileged Lives

One morning, without even “trying”, I found myself in a place of grace. The feeling was palpable although nothing looked different. It was experienced rather than seen. (Sometimes, we humans don’t believe something’s real unless we can see it and touch it.)

At first, this incipient energy created only a subtle shift in the pulse of the room in which I sat.
I had to allow it to wash over me.
I had to be open to it.
I had to invite it.
My awareness moved from “What’s next on my agenda for the day?” and “What am I missing that’s going on around me?” to “Wow, how amazing is this? Wow…..amazing grace.”

For me, grace is
Compassion and

For me, grace is the manifestation of a sense of completeness.

I don’t make enough room for moments of grace. I’m sure I miss a lot of them knocking on my door.

Privileged Lives
I had the rich experience of being in Manhattan this past weekend to celebrate my grandson’s tenth birthday. Being outside of my typical environment gave me the opportunity to “see” things from a different perspective.

Where I live there’s poverty and homelessness, but in my suburban, off-the-beaten-path neighborhood I rarely see it. Being in that area of New York for a few days put it right in front of us daily. More than once, Ethan asked me, “Is that person homeless, Nana?”, which led to conversations about how blessed we are and how we, much too often, take our privileged lives for granted.

a musician strums his guitar on the crowded street—his open case inviting a dollar to be tossed in;
horns blare and the roar of traffic drowns out his melody

a woman sits on the ground with a sign pleading for help;
pungent steam rises up through the grates in the sidewalk, masking the smell of the woman who cannot remember her last shower

a man pushes through the mass of people, hurrying to his next destination;
he fights
his own demons as the guitarist and the woman watch him fight his way through the crowd

and the city pulses to a beat that competes with the spirit’s cry for peace,
grace keeps trying to find us

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.
Dear God, please help me see.

©2017 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living
“Amazing Grace”, John Newton (1725-1807)

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