Independence Day

Today is “The Fourth of July”. Independence Day, in The United States of America, celebrates the signing of “The Declaration of Independence” from the United Kingdom.

Some years we go to an amazing fireworks display, in a little town near our home. There’s a sing-a-long with music representing all branches of our Armed Forces and then fireworks are set off to popular tunes—many of which are patriotic. It’s very moving, and I’m reduced to tears as these songs pay tribute to the men and women who protect us, so that we have the opportunity to live in freedom.

Experiencing this event reminds me of how easy it can be to take for granted the privileges we enjoy. How often do we truly step back and reflect on the gift we’ve been given?

There are many who, in spite of living in a land of freedom, are slaves to something or someone. Today, as we celebrate this great nation, let’s pray for the awareness to recognize when we—or someone we love—is living a life that’s less than “free”. Let’s bring intentionality and peace-full-ness into our homes and lives.

May freedom ring for you, and for those you love…everyday.


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