Last night, as I sat in the hot tub under my beautiful locust tree, I thought about the week that passed too quickly. The sky was sprinkled with stars and the air was still. This is my favorite season—the one where I can wear Birkenstocks and sleeveless tops, when the sun warms the ground we walk on and nature is in full bloom. When I water the flowers in the window box, or plant herbs right outside the door, I stop and think about how fortunate I am to have those opportunities—how blessed.

A few evenings ago, as we sat on the front porch rockers, I asked Larry, “are we’re approaching the ‘twilight’ years of our lives?” Heading into our sixties, it’s not so hard to imagine that we’ve spent three-quarters of our time already. My father died when he was 67 years old, and we’re not that much younger than when he took that last breath. It’s hard to believe that our earthly “expirations dates” could be that soon, and that awareness brings me even more feelings of how blessed I’ve been.

Because of how much I value connectedness with others, relationships are what make time seem to pass so quickly for me. Last week, I was able to meet with friends several times, and talk on the phone with a few I don’t often see in person. I saw clients who made me laugh and spent time with both of my daughters and my grandchildren. Over the weekend, Larry and I cut in flowerbeds, mowed the lawn, laid mulch and prepared Sunday Family dinner together. The week “flew by” as the beautiful, blessed rhythm of life played on.

Yesterday, at church, I led this guided meditation that I’d like to share with you:

I invite you take a deep breath, then let it out.
Take another deep breath, then gently exhale.

Be aware of your posture, your thoughts, how you feel as you continue to breathe slowly in and out.
Settle into your space and set aside all other thoughts to be fully in the “here and now”, allowing God’s presence to surround you.

Imagine that you’re outside in nature. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining.
There are distractions vying for your attention, but this is your time with God.
Give yourself permission to actually be in this moment.

You tune in to the sounds—voices laughing in the distance, birds chirping and singing their songs of spring.
God’s creation blessing you

You notice each petal on a flower, the strong and towering evergreens, and the birch trees bending toward the sun.
God’s creation blessing you

You feel the lightness of the grass under your feet and a gentle breeze caressing your cheek.
God’s creation blessing you

Fragrances waft through the air—familiar and fresh, calming and comforting.
God’s creation blessing you

Memories call out to you. You remember the first time you were aware of the brilliance of God’s sunset, or the dew on the grass as you ran barefoot through it. You are in touch with all around you.

The wind carries the Spirit’s song. Time and place cease to exist because you are in harmony with your creator.

God’s hand is on your shoulder and God’s voice is whispering. “You are my child—you are my most brilliant creation”.
You are at peace.

Larry and I bought daisies at the garden center yesterday. They were my favorite flowers as a child. They remind me of those long-past days filled with the joy of summer.

Daisies and children and grandchildren and friends—
meditations and community and life lived with intention and love—
moments shared and offered without strings attached.
So flows the song of our lives and we are, indeed, blessed.

©2016 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living



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