Would Have, Could Have, Should Have- Tuesday’s Thoughts

Yesterday, I started the conversation about getting to the end of our lives with no regrets.

How are we experiencing the time we do have? Many of us run through life. We don’t use our time to do what, at the end of our lives, we’ll probably consider “important”—to make the things that truly matter the priority. We can’t turn back the clock and redo the past. We can only move forward, Today, let’s explore more ideas for living without regret.

Achieve Work/Life Balance
For many, working long hours is the only way to pay the bills. However, if you choose to be a “workaholic”, what are you missing in life? I wouldn’t have traded anything for the plays, recitals, games and concerts that I had the privilege of attending while my daughters where growing up. Remember, you’re more than your career. 

Define Yourself
Don’t let  your gender or culture tell you who you have to be or what you must do. Women didn’t have the right to vote 100 years ago. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery only 150 years ago. For millions, the freedom to choose is not possible. It’s likely, you’re not one of them. Don’t let another person tell you who you are.

Enjoy Your Children’s Youth
If you’re parenting, years go very fast. Be the very best parent you can. Enjoy childhood. Love big. Laugh often. Play games. Teach them things. Children mimic their parents. What are you telling them about life? Let them know joy because you are full of joy. You’ll turn around one day and they’ll be grown. You don’t get “do-overs”.

Express Your Feelings
Easier to say than do, but when we take a chance and express how we feel and it “falls on deaf ears”, it’s easy to think, “well, that didn’t work, so I’m sure not going to try that again”. Don’t give up. Let people know how you feel by speaking the truth in love.  Take a chance. If it doesn’t work, take another chance. You are worth it!

Live a Life that Resonates with Your Inner Spirit
Connect with your spirit. Are you living in a way that honors the divine self in you? Are you being true to yourself? Are you selling yourself short or selling yourself out? When you look in the mirror can you smile because you know that you are being the best you?

Pursue Happiness
Fill your life with people, experiences and things that truly make you happy. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for the dreams of another, or waste precious time trying to convince people you’re worthwhile. Inside, you KNOW that you matter. Spend life with people who honor and respect you. Choose joy. Choose happiness.

Say, “I Love You”
If you love someone tell him or her. We never know when we leave that person (or hang up the phone) if that’s the last time we’ll see that face or hear that voice. Don’t ever risk having to live with the regret of not having said, “I love you.” Relationships add immeasurable value to our lives. Never underestimate that.

Stand Up for What You Believe In
Whether it’s standing up to a bully (adults can be bullies too), or speaking out when someone says something that your heart knows is wrong, let your voice be heard. Fight for a cause, be transparent, be confident in what you believe in and be prepared to defend it. Most importantly, stand up for yourself.

Worry Less
Also, much easier said than done! Some of the things I’ve worried about have been life-altering circumstances. Sadly, most of the stuff I’ve worried about has been just that—stuff. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks, or about all the things you really can’t control. Give it up to God, and then leave it in God’s hands.

IMG_4253When we get to the end of our time here, what will have mattered? I hope that I’m not thinking, “I should have” or “I wish I would have“. I pray that I don’t leave this planet with regrets, or the sadness of what “could have” been.

What I’m sure of is this: I’m going to wish I had just one more day to look into a friend’s eyes and have a conversation, just one more day to sit on the deck and laugh with my husband, and just one more day to hold my children and grandchildren close—to tell them how proud I am of them and how very much I love them.

Peace Full Home/Intentional Living

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2 thoughts on “Would Have, Could Have, Should Have- Tuesday’s Thoughts

  1. Kay,
    reading this blog makes me feel like you are able to read my mind or live inside my body. Thank you for spelling it out in the way you do.
    You have a God given gift of finding the right words. Please keep writing. I am so grateful, that I am able to read your blog.


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