Intentional Living

Saturday Morning, January 23, 2016:
I’m sitting in my “reading, thinking, praying” space in the library. From this vantage point I can see the snow-covered, front lawn right outside the windows. On the other side I can see through the french doors that open out onto the deck. The snow is at least 14″ high already. It’s still coming down, but a ray of light breaks through the clouds, and shines across the deck creating an iridescent glow. The snowflakes dance in the wind and, illuminated, glisten as they whirl through the air. The birch trees sway with each gust, their barren branches keeping time with the rhythm of nature. It is quiet and still and I choose to intentionally watch this spectacular show. I choose, in these moments, to “Live Intentionally”.

Living Intentionally….wow. How does that feel to you? Does it allow you to let your shoulders drop and let out a sigh of, “that sounds awesome”, or does it make you feel overwhelmed; like you want to run away?

What the heck does “Intentional Living” even mean? I did some dictionary checking, and after consulting a few sources, combined them to create these definitions:
Intentional—deliberately planned, intended or done to determine an outcome or achieve a purpose
Living—the manner or condition of the way a person lives
Intentional Living—planning, with deliberation (serious thought), the manner in which you live your life

We sometimes–maybe often–get caught up in the “muck and mire” of everyday life, and then forget to live intentionally. Living with intention takes effort. It calls out for you to make a plan, recognize what’s important to you, commit to that, and then breathe life into it.

I’m sure there are some folks who have lived intentionally their entire lives, but I’m not one of them.
Sure, I’ve always lived with good intentions: be the best
daughter, student, employee, boss, teacher, supporter, mother, grandmother, friend, wife, and confidante I can be.
Of course, I’ve always desired to be fair, kind, considerate, loving, supportive and peace-full.
Along the way of life, however, I’ve often been caught up in the “stuff” of this world that isn’t all that important. I’ve worried about things that never came to fruition, or that passed by in the blink of an eye.
I’ve spent so much energy on: getting straight “A”s, achieving “success”, taking care of others, looking right, talking right, and having everything “right”, that I’ve often been exhausted.

I pick up my cup of tea and take a sip. For now, the landscape is untouched by humans—no footprints, no activity, no noise, except for the wind in the silence. How often have I missed this God-given beauty pageant because I was not allowing myself to be still?  Tears fill my eyes as I write this–not tears that have sound bytes or roll in torrents down my cheeks, simply tears of awe. A few birds fly between the trees, free and soaring; their wings dark against the newly fallen snow. The huge oak trees stand guard over the house; some of their brown leaves still clinging to the branches. How many times have I clung to something when I knew its time had run its course? Some of the smaller branches give way under the weight of the accumulating snow–nature’s pruning, nature’s constant movement, not much different from us mere mortals– pruning and growing until our time in this life is completed.

If we take the time–make the time–to look back, would we see living with intention?

Huge gusts of wind blow snow off the roof. In the light the snow becomes a swirling rainbow. 

What is important? How do we spend the time we have? What do we leave behind? And so…the conversation continues.
©2016 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living

The road we travel may not always be completely clear, but if we walk with intention, we'll create the life we want. ©2016

The road we travel may not always be completely clear, but if we walk with intention, we’ll create the life we want.



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