TYG—A Thank You Note to God

Each day as I get out of bed I say, “Thank You God”. (Many of you already know that.) Then, in my more aware moments, I tack on some of the perfunctory—superficial, easy—“thank you items”: the sunshine, my health, my family, etcetera. Those aren’t insincere “thank yous”; it’s just that they’re so darned easy to […]

New Glasses and a Kinder, Gentler World

New glasses help us see better. The murkiness clears up; we view what’s in front of us differently. Just like less-than-perfect vision, we often have myopic world views; limiting us from seeing outside our personal reality. We don’t always “see” how we behave, which may lead to behavior that’s inconsiderate. Nice is underrated; I genuinely […]