Fearless & Weary (and shining a light?)

A few weeks ago, I used this word to define how I was feeling: weary. I have never (at least as far as I can remember) ever used that word to describe myself before. Weary feels sad to me. It feels defeated. It feels worn out. After a couple of weeks of significant prayer and […]

An Identity Crisis & The Wizard of Oz

The late psychologist Erik Erikson coined the term “identity crisis”. He said that the environment in which a child is brought up is critical in the formation of personal identity and self-awareness. Obviously, the way we were raised significantly impacted who we are now. Imagine how different you might be if all the “moving parts” […]

Drive-Thru Lives

The definition of the preposition “through” is: “in one end and out the other”. The informal spelling of it is “thru” which is what we now often see. The first “drive-thru” was at a St. Louis bank in 1930. Since that time, we do a whole lot more than make a bank deposit, by simply […]