Broken (updated 4/15/23)

Hearts will be broken—and thankfully often mended—many times in one’s life. Human angels guide us until we stop and no longer need them once we pass through the veil to the other side (perhaps they hang out with us there, too!). Many of those broken hearts leave our planet much too early (for me).

Awareness, sometimes, bubbles up inside my brain: when, where, and with whom have I, unwittingly, simply not been enough. I’ve questioned my value in this cosmos (I imagine some of you may have, too—it’s a very human theme). It sometimes feels like life could be so quickly shattered into splinters so small that only a Kintsugi master could repair the damage.

But, if we allow (or invite) life’s echoes to be crushed, we will no longer hear the songbirds, the joy of a child’s laugh, the leaves rustling through the trees, or the morning quiet when all is still.

Hurts, like splinters, need to be removed. But, if full-blown ruination takes over, we risk our hearts becoming inconsequential, tiny fragments of our never-ending universe (God’s universe.)

I’ve felt that space where sadness has seeped in—shrouded yet there. I’ve sensed—like many people—rejection knocking at my door. And I’ve often been exhaustingly hard on myself.

Memories of despair sometimes last longer than recollections of unbridled joy, and we need to turn that around.

It’s true that “the past can’t be rewritten,” but it can be viewed from a new perspective. Perhaps the blunders, hurt, or sorrows can be reviewed and replaced by something radically different once the lens is turned.

Life is fleeting and fragile, my friends, but right now, we have this moment where we get to choose—over and over—love.

May this day bring you joy, understanding, and peace.
With love, Kay

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