Being Real

Yesterday, I smashed the front of my car. I was on an unfamiliar road, driving to meet a friend for an 8:00 breakfast before my 10:00 client appointment. There was a sharp curve that I didn’t anticipate, and the front of my car went up on the curb. I am an incredibly cautious driver. I don’t speed or fly through yellow lights. I come to complete halts at stop signs. I use my turn signals prolifically.

But none of that truly matters when you wreck the front of your car, does it?

My husband came and “rescued me.” I was crying (honestly, I was sobbing) about a car I bought used and am still paying on. He called my 10:00 person and said I was sick. He’s not prone to lying, but he was “saving face” for me because, despite my typical extroversion tendencies, I’m truly a very private person (ironic, I know). I eventually reached out to her and told her I was in an accident (but the part about being sick is genuine, too, because twenty-one hours later, I still feel unwell).

At 2:20, after being brave enough to go out to the garage and look at the wreckage, I contacted some people for support. I decided that I’m not perfect (nor have I ever aspired to be). My automatic go-to was not to share this, but after far too many hours crying in bed, I decided that was just plain childish. But now, putting pen to paper (at almost 4 pm), I may get out of my pajamas.

So, the lessons I learned since yesterday morning are:
• trust the people who love you most to be there for you
• be vulnerable
• recognize perfection is impossible
• tell people you love them (but only if you mean it)
• be kind because nothing is guaranteed
• eventually you have to get out of your pajamas

Thank you for listening.
Thank you for following this post.
Thank you for being you.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Being Real

  1. Kay… so glad you wrecked your car … because you are ok , and that’s what matters… car transport is kind of a privilege that we take for granted… as is air transport… so , you had a real day and you ..made it through … after all it is only a car a piece of earth transformed into a million tiny man made objects… so celebrate your health and think about the new car you might get… love willy


  2. Dear Kay,   I’m so sorry to hear about your accident!!!!  It is a great idea to share – and still to know that you are loved.  I had an embarrassing accident when I bashed my car into a wall because I confused the brake and gas pedals.  I haven’t told many people about it.  Maybe we’ll be perfect in heaven…..  Remember that a sorrow shared is but half the trouble, and a joy that’s shared is a joy made double!  Praying for you!!!   Carol  


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