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The human brain is only three pounds but has a trillion cells and a rapidly firing hundred billion neurons. Our cerebrum’s options are practically limitless, yet we humans often get caught up in minuscule life routines, forgetting to see other pictures of life different from our norms or what’s right in front of us. 

Reflecting on life this morning after another unsettling horror-filled night (having always been entirely violence averse, I can not understand the why behind this, although I do know of previous lives—a story for another time), I am, as always, aware of our physical beings’ fragility. 

It may seem daunting to think that we have this kind of power, yet, what we—with healthy cerebellums—choose to do with our abilities is often limited only by us! (Side note: I’ve shared this in previous posts; my brother, Bob, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at sixteen. By the time he died at only forty years old, he had more physical scars than anyone I’ve known but lived fully into the life he was able to have with his limitations. He was an amazing human. (Because of him, I try to never take for granted the gifts I have.)

Our brains want us to tap into the positive, to connect dots that have often fallen off life’s page in the hustle and bustle of “this is my reality.” (guilty) To create changes, we have to rethink and recreate, perceiving not only what’s right in front of us—the norm, the day-to-day routines, the treadmill with only a few views—and open our minds to the endless possibilities being offered to us who live in freedom, who can change homes or friends or routines, to be curious and interested like a child seeing with new eyes. 

For many years, I started my day with my cup of tea, sitting near the library window; spending time with God. I don’t know why or when I stopped that critical practice; instead, racing ahead into my routine day, inviting me to forget what really matters. (I resurrected that morning.)

Today, would you revisit your reality and consider:
• What’s the rhythm of life that you desire?
• How do you want to use your valuable time?
• Who would you like to blossom into, aware that it’s never too late for fresh starts? 

Maybe you’ve thought of these questions a hundred times but avoided them or have never given them any consideration in your day-to-day busyness. Perhaps in quiet times, you knew something was missing but didn’t know where to begin. It is never too late.

Two of the dearest people in my life have family members fighting their way through leukemia; one a teenager, the other a dad with a baby. We who are healthy too often take that blessing for granted. We often forget that for all of us, this time is fleeting. 

May today bring you joy and peace.
May you see in yourself the reflection of God.
May you lean into the light, hope, and awareness of how amazing you are.
And, may you be blessed.

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Brains, Perspectives, Life

  1. I know you and I both share the knowledge life is fleeting. We have to lean into what’s given us each day…the good and the bad. The hope is that tomorrow “will come”. And more chances are given to embrace those we love, in one way or another. I love you!


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