A Personal Note

When I started “Peace Full Home” many years ago, it wasn’t because I was brainstorming a new writing venture. It came to me (or, more accurately, was offered to me) as I sat on the deck on a beautiful sun-blessed morning. It was a gift given freely, not requested.

My hope will always be to lift you up, help you seek light even in the dark, invite you to rethink ways of living and processing, honor your spirit and encourage you to see the beauty in yourself.

Today, as I finished my post, I felt profound sorrow, not because I don’t believe the truth of my words (I do), but because of all that is happening on our planet. There has been fear, tragedy, abuse, and hatred for centuries, but (and maybe it’s simply my heightened sensitivity) it feels so deep-running, so unfathomable.

Today, my brain was clouded with a pervasive sadness that I only rarely experience and the recognition of how easily what we too often take for granted could be vanquished.

What I write and share is (and will always be) my truth, but there are times when sorrow and fear wash over me despite my organic glass-half-full mentality. I wonder what the future holds for my daughters and what the next century will bring to my grandchildren.

Life’s fragility is always present. I am honored to share my thoughts with you and am grateful that you are on the journey with me.

With love,


One thought on “A Personal Note

  1. You have written so many insightful messages over the years that I hope you can reflect on one of Hope and take your own words to heart. There is much to be valued – I hope you can soon arrive at a place that is more gentle to your heart. I love you Kay.


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