World Awareness:
Children in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are starving to death while many in our country throw food away.

Often, we avoid the images of emaciated humans turning instead to gaze at our beautiful homes with televisions, beds to sleep on, and cabinets and refrigerators overflowing with food, as others watch their children die, helpless to do anything. 

Consumerism is relentless, although many sleep homeless on the streets in The United States (or our ununited states) in torn, unwashed clothing. 

Some fellow humans may say “they “made poor choices,” “that’s the luck of the draw,” or “they should dust themselves off and find a job.” But, words are easy; they fall out of our mouths or onto a piece of paper, often with nary a thought about the reality that we—with food, homes, family, friends, community, and love experience. 

I wonder what God thinks of all this. 

Nature Awareness:
As I watch the birds at our feeders, I’m aware that some, like the Blue Jays, are aggressive—attractive, yes, but also willing to raid other birds’ nests and chase weaker feathered creatures away. 

Too often, conventional human beauty and physical symmetry have significant advantages. 

However, the Cardinals and Hummingbirds, also beautiful, don’t force their way in; they respect the other feathered creatures. Watching them, I experience, with gratitude, nature’s beauty.

Self Awareness:
I own that I am overly sensitive. When someone’s unkind to me or hurts my feelings, it can impact me for days. (Yep, that’s an ongoing “work on” project!) 

And, despite being aware of coping skills I know are doable and helping others with challenges, I’m still susceptible—especially if that person is close to me. Like many others, I can too easily fall into the pit of “where is my value.”

World Awareness, Part Two:
We, humans, are a mixed group of individuals with different skin colors, backgrounds, abilities, languages, belief systems, thought processes, financial security (or lack thereof), and access to food and shelter. 

Some of us have staggering IQs; some of us are grateful even to be able to handle our finances. Our journeys have similarities, and they are profoundly unique. 

We are susceptible to pain and sorrow no matter what part of this spinning orb we’re on, and, yes, those of us most blessed experience joy and love. 

I believe in a benevolent higher power, and I can not comprehend the dichotomy between those with abundance and those without basic necessities. 

“Bountiful” versus “Scarcity.”  
“Relationships” versus “Loneliness.”  
“Joy” versus “Sorrow.” 
“Love” versus “Hate.”

We cannot single-handedly resolve all the problems in our hurting world, but united, we can create change. There is no magic wand, but each step we make into the light, each time we see the humanity in the other, each time we join together as God’s people radiating care and love, we make a difference. 

You have value.
You matter.
You have more power than you know. 
Never forget that.

May your heart be full of love, and may your day be blessed,


©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2022

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