Thoughts, Words, Actions—Intentional Living

What we think has incredible power.
At times, we forget how profoundly it affects how we live.

Quantum physics, the study of matter and wave-like energy, explains oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling at the speed of light and what happens inside atoms, which create molecules—the architects of everything in our world! We are “constructing” every moment. Everything in our world, including us, is energy.

I’ve been aware of “energy” for a long time, knowing that just because I can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s like a fan on a table. When off, you clearly see the blades. Turned on high, you can’t distinguish them; they’re still there, but you don’t see them.

We are creating our lives. So, if we want to change them, we have to shift what’s going on in our subconscious minds. (Sometimes, it’s daunting to think about that responsibility!)

When I look back at something “negative,” I have “Aha Moments” and struggle with my unwitting role in birthing it to fruition. Fortunately, far more often, I’ve seen the outcome of positive thinking. For exampleI have “good parking karma,” assuming I’ll always find a great space. I don’t actively spend energy on it; I simply “believe” there’ll be an open spot. (90% of the time, there is!)

Signposts regularly show up along my journey. Two examples: I jotted down images to photograph; one was a dandelion. When I pulled “Peace Is Every Step” off the bookshelf last week, I realized the chapter ornament is a dandelion! (I hadn’t picked that book up in years.)

And one evening, I “noticed” my calligraphy pens box on the shelf above my desk and thought, “I should start using them again! “I opened a book the following day where calligraphy was discussed! Of course, you could call these simple coincidences, but why write them off that way?

My brain is nearly always “on,” not simply plugged in, but in full overdrive! The perpetual barrage of noise sometimes makes it tough to discern what’s most important, so if I can’t turn the processing down, I have to choose to “tune in” to what matters most.

No magic wand can erase the negative past, but you can choose the power you give it and how you desire your future to unfold. But, before you put energy into creating the life you desire, you have to be intentional about  what you want, which requires:
1. thinking about life with intention instead of simply being okay with what happens
2. taking ownership of your life; who you have in it, and how you allow yourself to be treated
3. following through by inviting the experiences you desire to get on the stage
4. playing the starring role, not a once-in-awhile understudy part
5. honoring your life by saying every day, “Thank You, God, for my joys.” (Gratitude is critical in an intentional life.)

I often say, “Don’t put that out to the Universe” when someone’s talking about—and therefore giving energy to—something negative. (Years ago, I heard my granddaughter say, “let’s not put that out to the universe!” Pretty cool, right?)

Use your thoughts and energy to “grow” the peace-filled, joy-filled, love-filled life you want.

What do you want to bring into your life?
Seek it!
What is your deepest desire?
Believe it’s possible!
What seeds are you sowing?
Plant only those you want to grow!

May today thoughts, words & actions bring you peace!

With Love,

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts, Words, Actions—Intentional Living

  1. This concept that I create my world, took me a lifetime to understand. When I get confused about the subject, I say perspective is everything and it makes it clear to me.


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