As a verb, the word “commune” (/kəˈmjun/) means: contemplating, reflecting on, or experiencing with others, sometimes without using words. As a noun, the term “commune” (/ˈkämyo͞on/) is a collective—a group that bonds together, creating—figuratively or literally—a “village,” supported by a common ground.

You’re aware, of course—unless you’ve been in a sequestered holding pattern your entire life— that we humans have many ways of “processing” life.

Your tendency may be to lean into significant soul-searching while seeking your highest level of energy (vibrational frequency). Bravo!

Perhaps, you’ve become immersed in the seemingly minuscule (but vital) facets of each part of your everyday life. Awesome that you honor all the details!

And, maybe, like most people, you regularly vacillate, leaning into what’s highest on your imaginary (or perhaps not imaginary) “importance sheet.” That’s great too!

Because our life experiences are unique, we think, act, and, as an obvious consequence react, differently. Our journeys to this point have been diverse—some much easier, some much more fraught with significant challenges and sorrow. I’ve heard so many times, “I wish I had that money, partner, house, car, friends, vacations; I wish I had that life!”

There are times I have the “I wish…” mentality too. But—and this is critical to acknowledge—we do considerable damage to ourselves when we choose to view life only through the lenses of others.

So, how to move forward?

First, alter what’s within your control. Most people I know who are struggling don’t have the ability—primarily because of caregiving, financial constraints, or emotional support—to wipe the slate clean and begin over. In this situation, choose to eliminate whatever negativity and sorrow you can, as well as anything that seems insignificant in the big picture.

Second, take some time. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes daily (and you have to lock yourself in the bathroom), breathe consciously, slowly inhaling and exhaling. You deserve to be centered.

Third, remind yourself of your value. Every single day, repeat (aloud whenever you can) as often as possible: “I matter, I have value, I am loved.” Despite your experiences with others who live in the “un world:” unkind, uncaring, unloving, uncommunicative, you genuinely do have value despite those experiences.

So, back to the beginning of this post. What does the word “commune” have to do with any of this?
As a verb:
Push away some non-essential swirling thoughts and practice contemplation and reflection. Like the few minutes in the bathroom, every moment counts as the hourglass continues to fill with intricate grains of time.
As a noun:
Seek out your group. If you don’t already have one, invite like-minded others to share life with and honor who you are. You can’t start a village of love unless you step in and take a chance.

Remember always,
You are valuable.
You are beloved.
You truly do matter.
May your day be blessed,

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