Home Week, Thursday: Spaces

Welcome to home week! 

We all experience peace differently. For some of us, “peaceful” is quiet and serene, while, for others, it’s loud and fun. We’ll also react positively to different colors, items and experiences because (of course) we’re different. Some specifics relate to almost everyone, but creating your peaceful home is as unique as you are.

I truly believe your home should be more than a building in which you spend time. It should be a sanctuary, a safe and calm place, a respite from the rest of the world. And, for many of us, COVID-19 has taught us that.

Creating a home that’s peaceful isn’t a one-step process. It involves taking into consideration:
• how much stuff you currently have in your home  
• how you “feel” in each room 
• the physical space you have 
• your desire to make a change

Often, to get to where we’re going, we need a “map” of sorts. Sometimes that’s taking a class, reading a post like this one, or being exposed to different ways of looking at things. Often that “map” is as simple as having some idea where we want to go.

Step one is deciding what you want your home to be; the role it’ll play in your life. Think about it as if you’re marketing a product, and you need to assign all the best attributes to it that you can. 
What qualities would it possess?
What activities would it accommodate?
How would you want to spend your time there?

Purposeful Peace

Let’s begin with possessions. First, you need to get rid of clutter because there’s often so much stuff that you can’t see the big picture. Clutter is the enemy of peace; it makes you stuck like a plant that’s root-bound, unable to grow. I can’t say enough about how clutter negatively impacts the way you live.

Every single space is significant. Whether it’s a basement—or the place you park (or should be able to park) your car—your real estate matters. If you have a storage room filled to the ceiling that you rarely venture into or a closet that you gave up trying to empty and organize years ago, you know (deep down) that it’s there in all its chaos. Think about it this way: if you go to work or give a speech or choose to help someone in need, you likely “leave your personal life at the door” to be fully engaged. After it’s over, whatever you put on “pause” bounces back to be acknowledged. The same is true in your home. “Out of sight” really isn’t “out of mind”; you’ve just put in “on hold” for a while. 

When you live with clutter, you spend a lot of time moving, digging through, cleaning, and losing things—and often buying stuff you already have. Deal with the clutter so you can move on.

This week, step back and analyze what’s welcoming you home. Can you barely squeeze your car in your garage if you have one? Are you welcomed home with a pile of “stuff” near the door? What’s really in each space? Is it necessary, important, or valuable?

too much stuff = disorganization = stress and tension = less peace.

Physical order and calm help create inner peace and serenity.

Don’t jump into it with the idea that in one week, you can transform your entire home (unless you have very little to change) because if you have a fair amount to declutter, you’ll simply get frustrated. Work on one area at a time. (These are links to design blog posts that talk about clutter and give guidelines for getting started: Organization Week 2 “Clutter” and Organization Week 3 “The Rules.”

Remember, too, that keeping your Higher Power in the process makes it a bit easier. Set an intention like “I want my home to be a serene space, a calm sanctuary where I can walk with You, and through life, in peace.” 

Stick with it; before you know it, voila! You’ll have a clutter-free home, and you, Dear Reader, deserve that!

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