Poetry Tuesday, October 2020

I started a post then scrapped it—too serious (life feels serious enough right now). I started another one, but it felt too “minimal”—not strong enough for the times we’re living in. So, I decided that this would be a good day to post pieces from Poetry and Other Random Thoughts. All of these poems have the word “joy” in them. 

 you are 
    woven from all your days before this moment
you are 
    limitless with immeasurable possibilities
you are
    joy and sorry, love and pain, laughter and tears
you are
    a breathtaking spirit made up of all your experiences
you are 
    perfect just as you are

I think that we will be well-known  
by words we said, not things we owned
                  not houses built on rolling hills
                  not stuff we bought with paper bills
I think that we will be held dear
by all the ways we spent our years
                  sharing life with joy and peace     
                  legacies where kindness speaks
I think that we will be defined
by what it is we leave behind
                  not clothing, cars or fancy jewels  
                  not our degrees from famous schools
I think that we will be remembered 
by memories of moments tender
                  hearts that helped a soul to bloom and
                  love that healed savage wounds

come to me father of the day
come to me mother of the night
come to me brother of the dark
come to me sister of the light
you are all the same
dance with me glee that makes me laugh
dance with me love that makes me weak
dance with me pride that makes me strong
dance with me truth that makes me speak
you are all the same
sing to me stories borne of joy      
sing to me tales borne of tears 
sing to me memoirs borne of hope  
sing to me visions borne of fear  
you are all the same 

Amazing Grace, come hold my hand, as I journey through this life. I know you're there, right by my side in sorrow, joy and strife. Some pain I simply can't "unfeel", some words I can't "unhear". But with your help, Amazing Grace, I know that God is near.


circles connecting
spells of negativity broken
moments of boundaryless wonder created  
humans moving forward

hearts connecting
pieces of life pulled together
fruits of labor being freely shared  
hope-filled words spilling from the fount of joy
spirits connecting
rivers of misunderstanding elucidated
dreams of holy alignment being realized
prayers answered by the author of creation

May your day be blessed and may you find, even in the chaos, moments of joy,
Kay ❤︎

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