Tree People

This idea started with a simple concept: “Love songs aren’t just for others. Love songs are for you too.” But, as I thought about the number of people who don’t truly experience love or struggle with trusting love, I realized that, for many, it’s often really tough just to get to the place of self-love.

Sadly, some people can’t take in love even when it’s freely offered to them. Like a tree, in a barren land, unnourished for decades, they don’t know what to do with love. That tree has barely hung onto life, soaking up whatever it can from the ground, but cleansing rains never washed away the dirt (the pain, sadness, or disappointment). Then, if water’s poured over it after years of drought, the tree doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s been thirsty for so long that it’s unused to being fed.

Abandoned and uncared for, “tree people” often believe that their lives are without hope. Some have felt the pain of being dismissed or feeling valueless their entire lives. Others become “tree people” because of humans who’ve taken away rather than enriched their realities. Many have slowly evolved into the degradation of thirst because they chose paths they never honored their highest self. Whether withering “tree people” were born into that reality, grew into it, or chose a path that led them there, pain, loneliness, and abandonment are real. 

Tree roots have to seek water; they have to learn to bend with the wind to survive, and they need nourishment. 

Do you know petrified tree people, close to being turned into stone, terrified even to attempt to move forward? Are there people or situations in your current reality that suck the life out of you? If so, what or who could you remove that would positively affect your tomorrows?

Underestimating the importance of self-love happens all the time, despite the truth that it’s vital to love yourself (obviously, not in a narcissistic, “I’m the center of the universe” way). When you choose to see your highest and best self and sing your own “love songs,” you’re able to radiate love exponentially, and that creates intentional living!

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