We need hope—a reservoir of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental strength. Without it, we wrestle more with the challenges of this world. Hope acknowledges dreams and desires for something “better.” Hope leads to expectations that become birthed into reality. Hope champions optimism, fans flames of faith and silences gongs of hatred.

Hope is Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on that Montgomery, Alabama bus, not knowing that her decision—a moment of quiet choice—would change history. Hope is believing, without substantiatable proof, that something longed for will come to fruition. Hope is a belief in fresh starts. Hope is anticipating the good or holy and trusting that anything is possible.

“Hope springs eternal,” according to the late Alexander Pope, but I have known those who have given up hope, unable to unearth even tiny fragments of joy. There have been times when I, too, have given up hope. Yet, even in that awareness—in the times I felt afraid and hopeless—I rebounded and moved forward carried by wings of love. So for today, some poems on hope.

lost in the ambiguity of life
i forget about hope
wanting to be a virtuoso of joy, yet failing
i forget about hope
resolutely determined to live my best life
i forget about hope
desiring to be the quintessential example of intentional living,
but still sometimes wandering along unaware


there were times when
he forgot who he was
he let (maybe invited) 
others to define him
but then,
the nascent, hopeful
spirit called out to him
and said


Goddess of the night 
sharing silver moons to wish upon, 
thank you.
Goddess of the sun
shining hints of peace in our lives, 
thank you.
Goddess of the dark
shaping dreams for those who need them, 
thank you. 
Goddess of the light
shouting hope for those you love, 
thank you.

Hope lives in the little corners that we sometimes ignore, 
while we seek out the big, loud stuff.

Faith is part of the fiber of our very beings, 
but we don’t often call it into action.  

Joy jumps up and down right in front of us
while we turn away, looking for something “better”. 

Love is hardwired into our God-given DNA, 
but it sometimes gets overpowered by the things of this world. 

Hope is there, praying, “follow my voice.” 
Faith calls out, “I will walk beside you.”
Joy is patient, singing, “get to know me.”
Love speaks gently, “you know that you’re worth it.”

So, where will you go with this day, 
where hope and faith and joy and love are calling out, 
“find us, we are not gone, we’ve just been hidden by the dark.”

And, one limerick written during the start of the pandemic:

Old patterns are changed and adapted.
Ways of living forever contracted.
Paradoxes of light, That are seen in the night,
Give us hope that we might just get past this

May today bring you peace and joy and unwavering hope,

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“Wandering,” “Forgetting, “Goddess,” “Seeking Light,” and the COVID-19 limerick from Poems and Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane ©2020, peace full home®/intentional living, 2013-2020
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