Sitting with The Universe

The stars I gazed at last night were amazing. Constellations, whose names I no longer remember, were silently whispering, “see us.”

The air was still. Crickets chirped. Heaven opened her heart, showering beauty and wonder down on us mere mortals. I read that astronauts saw our planet quite differently once they moved through time and space above our earth. We are so small, aren’t we?

God. Joy. Love.
Such small words.
Such Big Concepts.
They’re beautiful masterpieces, like the Milky Way, that I wish I could capture.

We all have gifts, and even though they may not be as dramatic as a galaxy, we often don’t acknowledge them or try to unlock the doors that hold them back. Sometimes, we yearn to have what we see in others, even when we haven’t really sought out the best in ourselves. What are we waiting for?

There are so many people whose gifts I aspire to have, but the only person I can be is me—striving to be fully immersed in the now (which I fail at regularly!), continuing to share my thoughts and feelings, fears and failings, being as vulnerable and “real” as I know to be.

I watch the few fireflies that stayed behind—their friends have moved on to visit some other part of our world.
I hear the deer quietly moving closer to the apple trees.
I breathe in the night air.
I see a new day dawning.

What will we create that lives beyond this particular human existence? What will we do with the time we have left?
What will today hold?
We won’t know that answer until we walk into each sacred moment.
The “now” is all we have, my friends. ❤︎


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