What Languages Do You Speak?

I love this story from my grandson’s first year of grade school: Ethan had an excellent teacher, and at the beginning of the school year, she asked if any of the children spoke a second language. A few children raised their hands. When she got to Ethan, he said, “I speak Duck➀.” She heard that as “Dutch,” but Ethan responded, “no, I speak Duck” and proceeded to quack. Of course, Ethan knew that wasn’t what his teacher meant, but he got the laugh! Ms. Tomasello called him “the cruise director” because of his sense of humor and how he greeted the other children at the door, welcoming them to class.

We humans speak thousands of different languages. The way we communicate, however, is not only affected by our verbalization; it has as much to do with an unspoken language: the way we live.

I know people who speak:
The Language of Anger. Having been wronged, there’s no desire to even attempt to find joy.
The Language of Glass-Half-Empty. No matter what’s going on, life is terrible.
The Language of Jealously. No one should enjoy anything they don’t have.
The Language of Superiority. Anyone “not like them” is inferior and worthless.
The Language of Control. Personal power comes from “putting people in their places.”
The Language of Arrogance. Self-importance leaves little room for anyone else to matter.
How sad to walk through life so wrapped up in the negative that there’s no room for change, speaking languages that make others feel unvalued and unloved.

But, I am blessed to share life with family and friends whose words are uplifting and supportive. They speak:
The Language of Compassion. She always has the perfect thing to say to someone who is hurting.
The Language of Sacred Growth. He seeks to continually grow in faith and peace.
The Language of Joy. Not only does she have an infectious laugh, she never gives up on you.
The Language of Wisdom. His breadth of knowledge about faith honors wherever you are in your life.
The Language of Thoughtfulness. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to “be there” with love and concern.
The Language of Security. Genuine love and trust allow us to always able to “be ourselves” with each other.
The Language of Connectivity. She selflessly reaches out, making a difference wherever she goes.
The Language of Spirituality. In the face of significant loss, she continues to be a torch-bearer for her faith.

My daughter, Sara, speaks The Language of Nurturing. Care and love for her children are evident in how she teaches, honors, and walks through each day with them.
My daughter, Erin, speaks The Language of Generosity. She picks up on the little things you say, sharing without fanfare or the need for a “flowery thank you.”
My granddaughter, Lauren, speaks The Language of Happiness. She loves life, lifts others up, dances through days, sings, and truly walks in joy.
My husband, Larry, speaks The Language of Care. He is selfless in his concern for our children, grandchildren, friends, and others who walk through life with him.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young, old, an introvert, an extrovert, live in a modest home or a mansion. What matters is that you always speak languages that resonate with your inner spirit. Ethan, now a teenager, speaks The Language of Inclusion. Just like he did in first grade, he laughs, cares for others, and lets them know they matter. He still also speaks pretty good, “Duck.”

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➀ (“Duck” is a challenging language that I taught him, just like my Dad taught me.)


6 thoughts on “What Languages Do You Speak?

  1. This was truly uplifting, Kay. I so enjoyed the playfulness conveyed by Ethan’s attitude and it made me feel just ducky. I’m also glad you got Larry; he is a wonderful guy! Be blessed.


  2. I LOVED this one!! So personal and positive!! You are fortunate to be surrounded with uplifting and supporting family and friends, but you’ve worked hard walking alongside them too. Love you.


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