A Week Until Christmas

“An Advent Poem” 

One week to The Big Day, where did the time go?
The hustle the bustle, and what if it snows?

There’s still so much shopping, I must get more gifts!
How will I be ready for good old Saint Nick?

The family is flying from west coast to east,
but I still haven’t planned our holiday feast.

My inbox is loaded with what I must buy
for children and parents, for each girl and guy.

I really must find just the right Christmas tree.
Why is this craziness happening to me?

But then a small voice starts to beg me to hear.
I try to avoid, but it’s coming through clear.

What is the real reason for Christmas day?
Is there something I’m missing rushing this way?

It’s clear that my journey may be misguided.
Help me stay true to the message provided.

The heart is focused but the mind sometimes strays.
God, help me stay centered and worship and praise……

the wonder of Christmas, the birth of The Child,
the reason we rejoice and pause for a while.

So, I pray for peace, and for love, and for joy.
I pray for a good life for each girl and boy,

for family and loved ones to cherish and hold,
for memories that matter when gifts all grow old.

Salvation gives hope and we claim who we are,
as we honor the child under that star.

It’s time to prepare for that one special day,
to remember the reason we gather and pray.

I’m listening; I’m seeing what really is true—
the gift that’s been given for me and for you.

One week to the big day, where did the time go?
It’s only inside our own hearts that we know.

Please help me be ready for this blessed day.
With your help, dear Savior, it’s this that I pray.

“An Advent Poem” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full home.com®/intentional living, 2013-2019.














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