Peace & “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

The antonym for peaceful is “unpeaceful”. Okay, that’s fair but I was thinking of something a little more descriptive like “chaotic”, “tense”, “exhausting” or “stressful.” Are there words you’d add to that list?

When you’re stuck, in a place in life, where the world feels loud and tumultuous you need to find shelter from the storm. Ideally, your home would be that safe space. But what happens when even your home doesn’t feel peaceful?

There are many situations that can create exactly the opposite of a peaceful home. Maybe you live with someone who’s struggling with physical or emotional illness; maybe that person is you. Maybe you’re in a relationship that’s toxic and “home” is the last place you want to be, or you’re alone and lonely (or worse, not alone and lonely). Maybe this year you’ve lost someone very dear to you, or you’re overwhelmed with juggling a job, the house, the kids and an aging parent. Maybe your house is filled with so much physical stuff that you don’t have room to breathe—let alone experience calm and peace—or you’re over your head in debt, can’t pay the rent or put food on the table, and buying presents is the last thing you can afford to do.

During the holiday season, many people tend to experience even less peace. Of course, the irony of that shouldn’t be lost on us—we’ve traded the joy of the season for the “stuff” of it. We’re impatient with others. We become exhausted. We get caught up in the “wow, look at how wonderful everyone else’s life is” phenomena, which robs us of even more peace. 

Rabbi Harold Kushner said, “when we look upon the story of our life, we will not think about the job we had, or how much money we had in the bank. We will ponder our relationships and reflect on the people who mattered to us. In the end, it is all about love”.

So, how do we move forward in this “most wonderful time of the year” when the clanging gongs of consumerism are screaming at us, and we’re bombarded by endless lists of what we must do or have?

I believe the answer lies in:
actively seeking peacefulness,
purposefully inviting stillness
consciously choosing to remember the true reason for this season and,
I believe it lies in the love that Kushner wrote about:
love that doesn’t have agendas attached to it,
love that’s honest,
love that’s given freely and without expectation and
love that’s authentic, pure and blessed.

May your coming week be exactly what you need it to be.
May your coming week be filled with peace and love,














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