Monday Pondering


he has a keen knowing that there is more,
but there are times when
he feels ill-equipped to change the tide

sometimes he stays anchored to the shoreline;
afraid to wade out a little deeper, but
sometimes he takes a chance and jumps into the ocean

and, so, his evolution continues….
sometimes baby-stepping all the way through the day
sometimes fearlessly moving forward in leaps and bounds

and as he sits and thinks about life
and journeys and faith, he realizes
that perhaps that’s just the way it should be

“Pondering” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2019.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Pondering

  1. Yes, life is made up of ill-equipped feelings – when we’re anchored and afraid or taking a chance and jumping in. Not all is within our control and yet wonderful things happen from it all.


    • I agree, Betsy, it’s sometimes scary to move forward with passion; to jump in (or sometimes even step in). Our human brains hold us back, but sometimes that keeping the status quo closes a lot of doors. Thank you for following peace-full home!


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