Life & Death and Spending Our Money & Time

I know people who spend money purchasing beautiful art, creating memorable experiences and enjoying gastronomic feasts. Some use their income and energy creating homes that feed their souls. Others live frugally so that they can support causes that pull at their heartstrings. I see people, who have very little financially, give much of what they do have to help others.
We choose how we use our resources. Hopefully, we put them where our hearts are.

A few years ago, I volunteered at a community fundraiser. I was in a food stand, taking orders, collecting money and telling the man in the kitchen what was ordered. He was retired and spent the majority of his time volunteering for local charities, and contributed most of his money to causes he supported. Listening to him rattle off his volunteer obligations for the upcoming week was really inspiring. The thing is, it made him happy.
He didn’t “need” anything so he gave away everything he had.

I have friends who are true change-agents in our world doing everything from preparing lunches for people at a local mission to fighting sex-trafficking. These people are on the front lines. They are passionate protectors of the innocent and underprivileged.
They are warriors for God.

I vividly remember driving on a four-lane bridge on my way to a client’s house and counting seven police cars—lights flashing—lined up in the outside lane. All of the officers were out of their cars. As I got closer I saw a man standing on the other side of the bridge, several hundred feet above the river, apparently ready to jump. When I was able, I checked the news and learned that when he leaned forward, the officers were able to grab him; saving his life. I didn’t know that, however, when I got to the client’s home. I was shaken up and couldn’t get him out of my mind. For any of a multitude of reasons, that young man had decided that his life was no longer worth living. Maybe he had mental health or physical challenges. Maybe he was lonely, heartbroken, scared or over-his-head in debt. Perhaps in his reality, life had no value. I often think about the image I saw that afternoon.
Human life is fragile. Human life is fleeting. Human life is impermanent.

When we’re there, at the brink between this world and the next,
it’s too late to look less at the TV and more at each other.
It’s too late to say “I’m going to right those wrongs”.
It’s too late to work less and talk to the kids more.
It’s too late to spend precious time with those we love.
It’s too late to put down the cell phone and be in the moment.
It’s too late to do more good in our world.
Too often, death surprises us when we least expect it. It creeps in, some would say, “like a thief in the night”. I would say it’s more like, “the guest we always knew would show up, but often the one we never prepared for”.
Don’t wait to live.

Time and money—currencies we trade now that will, one day in the blink of an eye, have no value. What are we doing with what we have?  What really matters?
We can make a difference. We can choose how to “spend” our lives.

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