Experiences that shaped who you are
get blurred with the passing of time
as memories become woven into a tapestry
stitched together by the moments of your yesterdays.
More and more is written into the tome of your life:
the magnificent and the mundane
the extraordinary and the excruciating;
reality and dreams merge—both parts of the same you.
Days race haphazardly by with
carelessly added thread finishing one scene, and
years drag on long enough to
painstakingly create minuscule details one perfect stitch at a time.
Different colors of life wrap around the same bobbin;
and as you stand back and look at your masterpiece
you see the times you were connected to God and
you see the times you forgot who you were.
In that tension—that duality—
where the magnificent and the extraordinary
are married to the mundane and excruciating;
where reality and fantasy live together;
where days fly by and years drag on,
God whispers, “you have always been complete.”

“Complete” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2019.

Sometimes years speed by, barely allowing us to catch our breath; we’re like run-away trains barreling down the track.

And, sometimes loneliness or pain or heartache make each day feels as if it will never end.

Years, already spent, blend into one another becoming indistinct—all part of one story. Too often, we lose sight of the beauty, of the fragility of the moment, of the experience of living because we’re caught up in the “what comes next?”

We forget that we are spirit energy in frail, human bodies. We forget that we are amazing just as we are; right now, in this life, at this moment. We forget that even in our brokenness, we are loved. We forget that we already are complete.

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5 thoughts on “Complete

  1. Kay, I enjoyed your post today on being complete. It was a great follow up to the Women’s Retreat where we discussed being enough. Thank you for your inspirational messages. Mary

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