Deliberate Living

What I usually see is simply a mirage—an illusory construct created by my imagining. It seems like the beginning and end of reality because that’s as far as my human brain usually takes me. But, what I assume are concrete boundaries are simply my own limitations.

When I look closely, however, and choose to consider what’s beyond the obvious—the taken for granted—I see more clearly.

Many of us humans tend to be really caught up in the “noise” around us; not only the actual sounds we hear but also the physical and experiential noise—things/possessions/the constant hamster wheel we too often run on. We forget to stop, consider what else there is and then choose (alternatives that most people never have the opportunity to make).

there are so many ways to practice deliberate living, but let’s start with these:

breathing—not the kind that’s done without any awareness, but intentional breathing; inhaling and exhaling with full consciousness of the gift of breath.
slow down. take a deep breath.

leaving the past in the past—often much easier said than done, but your past serves you best by being a learning tool; what worked and didn’t work, caused you joy or sorrow, helped or hurt another.
stop replaying old tapes that create self-loathing.

penance—not the Catholic school penance I grew up with where a man in a tiny cubicle with a little sliding window, would dole out a “prayer prescription” that absolved my childhood “sins”, but, rather, reparation where you: choose to admit where you’ve messed up, accept that as part of your humanness, forgive yourself and then move on to a true blank slate—as opposed to one where you sort of erased it but left enough there that you can see the shadows of your past screw-ups.
offer the grace you’d give another to yourself.

stillness—actually experiencing tranquility for more than a few, fleeting minutes, especially when you don’t think there’s any way you can.
being still works in harmony with breathing.

self-respect—recognizing the value of self; the value that God believes you have, even when you’ve made mistakes, lost sight of what really matters or strayed far away from your spirit’s true desire
when you honor yourself, you honor God in you.


what we see is just a mirage
a bound-up minuscule collage

in our haste we too often miss
the sacred moments blessed with bliss

but when we walk with joy and grace
spirit guides us to the right place

“Mirage” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2019.


Twitter: @kaymclane
Instagram: @peace_full_home

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2 thoughts on “Deliberate Living

  1. Kay, I especially like the reminder to stop playing old tapes that lead to self loathing. The past is a learning tool and nothing more. Thank you!


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