what have we lost between our youth and where we are now?
have we given up our collective, universal desire to feel important, to be loved, to matter?

what have we left behind because we thought we “outgrew” those child-like, innocent things?
have we stopped being hypnotized by the flames of a fire or the wings of a butterfly?

what have we done with unpredictability and spontaneity and adventure?
have we given up raw joy; bliss that comes organically, unorganized and unplanned?

what have we forgotten with the passing of the years that tell the story of who we are?
have we stopped seeing the sunset, the flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk, each other?

what have we missed rushing through this very fragile and fleeting life?
have we given up what’s most important and held onto that which will all fade away?

what have we lost between our youth and where we are right now?
have we stopped seeing what really matters; this blessed, sacred, once in a lifetime day?

“Lost” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full home®/intentional living

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