The Pendulum


hurrier and hurrier i run,
racing through daylight,
before twilight dances on our earth

the pendulum swings…
i used to try to give the right answers
now i remember to ask the right questions

fueled by the knowledge that the light will fade,
that the dark will come, that my days will be numbered,
i move furtively thinking i can outrun my shadows

the pendulum swings…
i used to try to capture big pictures
now i focus in to see what’s most important

dusk settles; night creeps in
inviting fear and darkness or calm and security;
it depends on the day, i suppose

the pendulum swings…
i used to try to make everything perfect 
now i remember that perfect isn’t possible

in the dark i often find God
i learn that it’s okay to struggle 
i realize that we humans can’t have all the answers

the pendulum swings…
back and forth, back and forth, 
back and forth

“The Pendulum” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2019.

We are self-inventing all the time.
We are creating our realities with every choice, every decision (not deciding is a decision too).
The pendulum of life swings back and forth.
Sometimes we see change but, often, in the blur of life, we miss it all.
We have only this day, this hour, this moment.
What will we do with it?

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