When I think of courage, the first thing that comes to mind is bravery—military personnel in war zones protecting our freedom; firefighters running into burning buildings carrying out those who are trapped; donors giving a kidney or bone marrow to someone they’ve never met; teenagers standing up to bullies who, once again, are going to terrorize another child’s life. But, there are so many examples of courage.


  • facing a challenge with conviction
  • moving forward in the wake of grief
  • persevering when it seems like the weight of the world is on you
  • pushing outside of your comfort zone
  • choosing to confront what terrifies you
  • walking through suffering with dignity
  • living into your passion when no one supports you
  • fighting for what’s right

Sometimes we need day-by-day courage— taking each day (maybe each hour) one step at a time, harnessing inner strength we didn’t even know we had.
the courage to speak our truths (ideally in love)
the courage to be transparent
the courage to overcome obstacles
the courage to be vulnerable
the courage to question what we’ve always considered fact
the courage to conquer fear
the courage to “show up”, when it would be so much easier to “sit out”
the courage to walk into the dark in order walk into the light

Courage leads to Freedom.  Personal Freedom. Societal Freedom. Global Freedom

There have been times when I’ve felt like I’ve given everything I have—every fiber of my being has been “all in”—then I hit a wall where I just can’t take one more thing. I forget to consciously breathe, to reach out and say, “God, please lift me up with grace. Give me the courage to move forward”. I forget to purposefully and intentionally invite peace into my life.

You may be faced with a time when you feel like “all is lost”—you’ve completely emptied your tank of courage, you’ve depleted all your resources, you feel as if the core of your being is annihilated. Even in that darkness, there is hope and grace…amazing grace. It may not be right in front of you. It may not feel possible, but do not give up. You are worth moving forward even if it’s one tiny step at a time. You can be courageous.

And, maybe someday, you will be called to be the person who sits with another in pain—holding that hand and being the courage that becomes a lifeline—that becomes love in action.

Sometimes, the only thing that can resuscitate a dying spirit is first sitting in silence in the presence of the pain, then finding the strength to believe that you can tap, from that seemingly empty reservoir, the courage to take one more step forward; that you can give up to God your insecurities, your feelings of less-than, your fear.

Courage in the face of adversity
Courage in the face of disappointment
Courage in the face of devastation
Courage in the face of pain
Courage in the face of fear
Courage that changes you from an injured animal running scared, to a beautiful, confident macaw creating a rainbow as she flies across the sky.



4 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Thank you Kay for having the courage to keep on writing when you feel you are drained. Thank you Kay for having the courage
    to always be a friend when you are tired and worn out. Thank you Kay for having the courage to raise two beautiful girls and two beautiful grandchildren when you were alone and struggling to keep yourself afloat. Mimi


  2. Nicely written. There are so many levels of courage – I think we muster it up on almost a daily basis. Life throws so many things at us, and even our insecurities require courage to make us believe, “I’m enough, I’m okay.”
    I especially like the sentence that maybe someday, you will be called to be the person who sits with another in pain. I believe that’s the Lord saying, well done, my good and faithful servant. You have walked through your darkness with courage and can now be a blessing in someone else’s life. You have earned this honor.
    From the dark of winter comes new life but you have to have the courage to get through the dark.


    • I agree, Betsy, there are so many different versions of “courageous”. Yes, day-by-day courage is what many of us need—often (maybe especially) those who’d we never guess are walking afraid. We all need the courage to move out of the dark. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.


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