Joyful Presence

Like every year, the week before Christmas was a whirlwind of activity. Before the 25th, there were presents to still be wrapped (not part of my typical reality since I like having things done ahead of time), groceries to be bought, a table for sixteen to be set, music selections to be chosen (yep, just a bit “Type A”), place cards for dinner to be made, and “finishing touches” to be, well, finished. Everything got done (and a lot of it by Larry), but I started the week just a bit frazzled.

The problem with being “frazzled” is that you’re not being present, let alone joyfully present.

On Christmas, there was lighthearted laughter and poignant prayer.
There was the story of the small sleigh my Dad made the year I was born.
There were toasts to health and remembrances of those who have moved on to the spirit side.
There was the sharing of traditions from different families.
There were gifts—some silly, some incredibly creative, some that brought tears borne out of gratitude for how blessed we are to be together.

There were, again, some new faces at our Christmas table this year. Only a handful of us have a common biological link, but what we do share is what matters: respect, appreciation, patience, vulnerability, an open heart, a listening ear, laughter, love, and a desire to be joyfully present. This is family to me.

A few years ago, I wrote the post “Joy” I really do aspire to walk through life with “Joy & Grace”. I know I don’t (and won’t) always succeed, but I’m glad that’s my true desire.

Two days ago was my daughter, Sara’s, forty-second birthday. And, in a week, my daughter, Erin will celebrate her thirty-eighth birthday. As they begin their next years of life, I will honor their joyful presence. I will look back and recognize how very fleeting time is, but, then remember the permanently etched images of life, laughter, and love. I will celebrate the amazing women they are—loving daughters, sisters, wives, friends, and in Sara’s case mother; generous, funny, beautiful, exemplary human beings. I will (again) think, “how did the years fly by?”

Time sneaks up and grabs us by surprise. Nothing of this earth is guaranteed; all is transitory and that makes it even more important that we are joyfully present.

As I close out this year of Peace Full Home, I want to say, “thank you“. Thank you for reading this blog, for subscribing to it, for “following” it. Thank you for sending it on to those you love. Thank you for your comments and ideas and joyful presence. I am indeed blessed.










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