Sight Lines

Have you ever set your sight on a very specific destination—a job, a relationship, a lifestyle, an adventure—and never arrived there at all, or got there in an obscure, circuitous way?
• How did that make you feel?

In your attempt to reach that destination were there times when you found yourself “off the beaten path” or running into a clear “dead end”?
• If so, did that lead you to discover something new about yourself?
• Were your resilient enough to set your sight on another dream—to create a new sightline?
• Or, did you simply give in and give up?

In teaching Interior Design, one of my topics is sightlines—the unobstructed view between you and what you’re looking at. Great sightlines—when you can see clearly from one point to the next and what you’re seeing is positive—are ideal. Sometimes a sightline reveals a gorgeous room leading to a beautiful garden. Other times, all the sightline offers is a wall filled with all kinds of clutter, random electronics cords or a view of trash cans.

Life and art often imitate each other. Our life sightlines are a lot like the sightlines in our homes. Some are very orderly, easy to navigate through and beautiful to experience. Others are messy or unattractive and what we see in the distance isn’t at all what we hoped for.

When those “life sightlines” don’t work out, or they yield results that make us realize we chose the wrong path, we need to be able to adapt and reshape our plans to create a different reality. (Clearly, that’s usually not as easy as moving something unattractive to another corner of a room!)

For the most part, I embrace change. I open the door, excited by the possibilities, adventures and new sightlines that lie ahead. I say, “Come on in!”

But, there are times when I try to ignore the knock on the door. I make excuses for why I shouldn’t open it. I try to explain the reasons why I want to maintain the status quo: it feels safe, it’s easier and less messy, I’m comfortable where I am. Sometimes I’m just worn out by all the sightlines that have already taken me places I didn’t want to go.

What are your desired sightlines? What paths should you take to reach the destination you dream of? How can you take steps that lead you to the life you want to live?

With my human limitations, I don’t always see all that is placed in front of me.
With my human limitations, sometimes all I see is what is placed directly in front of me.
So, as always, my—sometimes winding—journey continues.









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