Thank You God Thursday

Each day as I get out of bed I say, “Thank You God”.  In my more aware moments, I tack on some of the other easy “thank yous”: a new day, my health, my family, etcetera. Those aren’t insincere—it’s just that they’re so darned easy to name.

Sitting in my quiet (in spite of the rambunctious noise in my brain) time, a wave of awareness swept over me that whispered,
then spoke clearly,
then yelled,
“What else can you/should you say, ‘Thank You God’ for?”

So, here are my Thursday Thank You God (TYG) proclamations:

TYG because even in my darkest, deepest despair I have always known love.

TYG for this life where I get to live in freedom and am able to walk out of my home whenever I desire and go wherever I want.

TYG for the food I mindlessly eat when I know that so many others starve every single day, and for shelter, when so many have no roof over their heads. (Even at my financial poorest, I have always been so very wealthy).

TYG for the splinter I got in my foot that reminds me of how easily I walk most days.

TYG that I have access to health care. (Please help me to remember that when I have to wait for an hour to see a physician.)

TYG for the amazing women in my life—women of different ages, colors, sizes, and opinions—who create concentric circles of love. I am truly blessed.

TYG for my clients and readers who push me to be better versions of myself.

TYG for the cloudy days, for the rain that nurtures our earth, and for the beauty amplified by the rain.

TYG for dreary and sometimes downright depressing days, so that I can appreciate—even more—the sunny ones.

TYG for my voice, even when it falters or fails to adequately articulate the desires of my soul.

TYG for the vestibular neuritis I live with—without it I may have never understood how precious balance, and the ability to remember everything, is.

TYG for the pain of childbirth, miscarriages, illness, loss, fear, anger, and of hopelessness. Without those I would not be who I am.

I realize, as I type this,
that I could say, “thank You” for days.
Too often, I only say it once a day.

TYG for conversations of real value—ones that aren’t perfunctory or casual or fluffy (although those are great too).

TYG for the photos of me that are less-than-flattering because they remind me that I am not my physical image.

TYG for hard-won battles where my character was tested.

TYG for the awareness to say thank you.

TYG for people of faith who I can have conversations with about You.

TYG for books that expand my mind.

TYG for photographs that move me to tears, and songs that resonate with my spirit.

TYG for a faith community that waves a banner of hope and acceptance.

TYG for the energy of our universe.

TYG thank you for diversity.

TYG for poetry and music and creativity.

TYG for the tears that flow freely as I type this—tears borne out of the pain of knowing how often I could have done more to live into my spirit.

TYG for the vulnerability to be real.

And, sitting here, I know I could go on and on.


So God, what would You have me do today?
Where would You have me walk?
Keep prodding me on to be more in tune with my spirit.
Please don’t abandon me even though I’ve sometimes forgotten about You—set You aside in favor of the clanging gong; the noise of humanity.

Help me be bold in my loving, and passionate in my accepting.
Help me to dress myself in layers of beautiful, flowing empathy, sincerity and joy.
Help me dig up the vestiges of the past and re-form them into passion for the future.
Help me to be not a hollow vessel, only adorned on the outside, but rather filled-up on the inside—spirit rejoicing and singing as I walk through the time I have left.

Thank You God (TYG),

©peace full home™/intentional living

What would you like to put on your TYG list?










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