Water Leaks & Calling 811 & God, Update

Yesterday I wrote Peace Full Home’s post from the library. As soon as I hit “publish” I heard water rushing into the lower level where my office (which I vacated for yesterday’s plumbing work) is.

One of the first major renovations made, when I bought my house (certainly not yet a “home”—there is a big difference) was excavating ten feet down to be able to access what was then a dark, musty, moldy basement. Now, the lower level is a finished space—drywall, carpeting, bathroom, gift wrap center (yep, I know….), etc.—with French doors leading outside.

I flew down the stairs to see water gushing out of a pipe, where a hole had been cut into the wall to install a new meter. I ran back outside and yelled (in what probably was a pretty hysterical voice), “Larry, there’s water flooding into our house!”

side note: I lived in my home by myself, for quite a few years, and have dealt with a lot of improvement/repair issues alone. When Larry and I married and he chose to sell his—sitting on a golf course—home, one of the many benefits is that he tries to be here when a major project is underway. Thank God (really) that yesterday was one of those days! 

So, back to the story. He calmly said, “I know”, and proceeded to tell me that the utility company (not our plumbing contractors) had turned the water back on without the contractor’s knowledge. The giant trench next to the house was not only filling up quickly, the pipe coming into the lower level—four feet below grade—was dumping the water right into the room!

The contractor immediately called a “restoration team” who got to the house a few hours later with industrial strength “shop vacs” and giant blowers, that have been running since then, trying to dry the place out.

Home ownership is a never-ending adventure. Heck, life is an adventure. I’m grateful that I have people who love me to share it with. I’m grateful that I have you to share it with.

Happy Wednesday. Here’s to running water, homes that are “drying out”, property that can be replanted, and knowing that even in the challenges and travesties, God is still wading through the tide with us.

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6 thoughts on “Water Leaks & Calling 811 & God, Update

  1. How does one even “comment”…. feeling speechless. This is such an unbelievable (though I know it’s happening) situation in your life. Stay strong, Kay, as you always do. As you may have said a time or two, the sun will still come up and even shine. There have GOT to be better days ahead! Love to you & Larry, along with constant prayers. ❤

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