The Authenticity of The Soul

There are times when I get so completely caught up in what’s happening in my little environment that I forget to remember the world that’s going on around me. Then, a tragedy like the mass shooting in Las Vegas—where life and living are torn apart by death and destruction,—shakes me to the core and pulls me out of my small picture back into the big picture.

night creeps in taking over the light,
extinguishing safety with a single, silent breath.
quiet replaces the chatter of the day—
the nonsensical, the mundane, the critical,
as stillness marries dark in a dance of solitude.

I go back to working on a handout about lighting. It seems almost sacrilegious to be concerned about “the nature of light” or “color rendering indexes” or “light emitting diodes”. So, I stop to pray—I’ve done a lot of that lately. Then, I decide to be a little kinder to myself; to realize that it’s okay to be in this life; that I’m supposed to be in my life. I step back to step forward, aware of the pain that so many others are in, right now.

the ethereal veil of “all is perfect” is lifted.
you want to pull it back down, but it’s been shredded.
you’re snapped out of your complacency—
thrown into the tumultuous whirlwind of reality
and a metamorphosis begins.

I’ve said, often, that I’m not afraid of going back to the spirit side—I know that we’re all dying as we’re living. But, I certainly don’t have a death wish and there’s so much more I’d like to do before I leave this world. When the gong of death strikes so close to home, it’s hard not to consider (again) how very easily our realities could be swept away.

the typical rhetoric seems so ridiculous.
intuitive urgings come barreling to the forefront
and, with a spirit-awakening, singularity of purpose,
you’re held in a space of unadulterated peace.
there, the authenticity of the soul is revealed.

What if we set aside the less-than-life-altering worries and concerns we carry with us (this is definitely a case where you “teach what you need to learn”)? What if we shake things up and actually think about what we’re doing each hour?

There are times when I actually believe I can control things, and then (of course) I’m shown that’s simply not true. The authenticity of my soul pulls me back.

Find a space, in the chaos, where you can simply be.
Name your truth—what you truly value in life.
Say it out loud.
Hear it.
Own it.

We shut the windows, pull down the shades, and drag the heavy, insulated curtains in front of them. We open and close the shutters of life so easily, often unaware of the fragility of each day.

We’re continually telling our stories. We’re sharing what has value to us, what really matters, what our footprint—on this day—will be. What will your story say today?

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