Seeking Wholeness

wholeness—complete and harmonious unity; a synergy of body, mind and spirit

How often do you actually experience a sense of wholeness? Or, is that never part of your reality because you feel like a piece of you is missing—that you aren’t able to complete the puzzle because you’re somehow incomplete?

The concept of “feeling whole” won’t be exactly the same for all of us because we spend our lives differently. At a core level, however, there are many similarities in what we humans desire so I offer the dozen practices, below, as paths to consider on the road to finding wholeness. 

Seeking Serenity
being able to center yourself; finding calm in the chaos; being at peace

Developing A Sense of Humor
seeing life through a lens of joy; laughing as much as possible

Practicing Acceptance
acknowledging your past, then embracing who you (and those you love) really are

Inviting Spirituality Into Your Life
having an active connection with God

Creating Community
surrounding yourself with positive individuals who add-to, rather than take-away from, your life

Thinking Inquisitively
being interested in learning new things; broadening your horizons

Deciding to Take Care of Yourself
understanding that you are worth being cared for

Establishing Boundaries
knowing when to say “no” and what your limitations are

Being Forgiving
remembering that forgiveness doesn’t make it “right”, it simply makes it easier for you to move on

Believing in Possibilities
knowing that you have the ability to change your future

Finding Balance
seeking equilibrium so that you can focus on what matters most

Growing Compassion
treating others with kindness and empathy, one little seed at a time

When you make a commitment to yourself to create a life that truly resonates with how you desire to live, you need to take action. Through action, you create change as you move energy toward your desired goal.

seeking •  developing  •  practicing   
inviting  •  creating  •  thinking  
deciding  • establishing  •  being  
believing  •  finding  •  growing
beautiful action words that help you create your beautiful world

What’s speaking to your heart?
Is it the same as what you’re choosing?

We are self-reinventing all the time. We’re creating our stories with every choice and decision we make (not deciding is a decision too). What are we going to decide to do, to create complete and harmonious unity? What are we going to do to become “whole”?

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