What do you see in my eyes?

When we look at each other, what are we seeing? Are we really even looking? Or, are we rushing through life so fast that we don’t even pay attention to who we pass because the “where we’re running to” and “what we need to do” blinds us to all else?

Do we really see each other at all?

Am I the child from Aleppo who just stares because everyone I know is gone, and my world of love has disappeared with them?
Am I the harried, single mother grieving the loss of a marriage, yet trying to make the world a magical place for her children?
Am I the old man sitting on the street; a veteran who defended our freedom now cold, alone and without hope?
Am I the minimum wage store employee, trying to get through school, being underestimated?
Am I the college student, away from home for the first time, not understanding why people are nice to me because high school was a nightmare?
Am I the volunteer, tired from a life of selfless service, but taken advantage of because I never learned to say, “no”?
Am I the mother in Honduras washing my children’s clothing in the same stream of water that they drink from?
Am I the schoolteacher, working in a financially challenging area, who brings lunches and clothing for my students?
Am I the boy, staying out late into the evening to avoid the fighting in my home?
Am I the nurse, working long shifts without breaks, trying to ease the pain and quell the fears of those I care for?
Am I the perfectly dressed businessman powering through the day without anyone to share my wealth with because my career is my life.
Am I the little girl, a victim of abuse at home, afraid because I know that something is wrong, but don’t know where to turn?
Am I the firefighter, roused from my sleep in the middle of the night, speeding to a destination where I hold life in my hands?
Am I the refugee, trying to start over with my children, yearning for a place to live in freedom?
Am I the old woman sitting in my rocking chair, in the home I raised my children in, alone because I’ve been forgotten?

Am I even real to you?

Too often, we humans make “drive-thru” assumptions and judgments. Especially in cultures like ours, we’re bombarded with the media telling us what success, power, and beauty looks like. We determine a person’s value, intelligence or experience with a simple glance. We idolize, patronize and marginalize based on appearance.

What do we see when we really look at ourselves? Do we even take that chance, or do we hide from ourselves because we don’t want to look there either?

If we look at each other, does that require us to actually see each other?
If we then see each other, does that require us to respect each other?

What if we listen to our core being’s intuitive urgings to connect on a deeper, real level?
What if we look beyond the exterior and remember that we’re all human together?
What if we choose to see fully?

And so, the journey continues…..
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