Simplicity & Clutter

“Love people and use things, not love things and use people.”  I’m not sure who first coined this but, sadly, it can’t be said enough.

Organization, and the lack of clutter, are an integral part of a calm, joyful home—or organization. It’s tough to get to Peace if you’re surrounded by chaos. That chaos can be created by so many things: relationships that are tumultuous,  construction sites outside your door, neighborhood feuds, scarcity, loneliness, and things. Today, let’s talk about the things.

According to Merriam Websterorganization is “the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily”. Wouldn’t “found or used easily” be great? The funny thing about simplicity is that it really can change your life, but most people get overwhelmed just thinking about it! In organization my end goal is empowering people to make the changes necessary, using methods that will help them stay organized, that will allow their home to function more easily. By doing this you create serenity in your home, and serenity helps create peace.

Feng Shui explains many things, including why some spaces feel calm and peaceful, and why others feel so uncomfortable and unsafe. Some of the key components are:
•getting organized to welcome flow into your home and life
•being aware that clutter, disorganization and dirt block energy
•creating a home that’s your sanctuary—a place where you can truly relax
•letting go of things that don’t currently work in your life to allow space for new, exciting opportunities to come to you
•being able to easily find what you’re looking for in your home, which gives you a sense of clarity

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  I’ve used this quote often because it’s great!  So many of us just keep adding to our stuff thinking that makes us more sophisticated…..maybe we should rethink that!

I define clutter as anything that is disliked, unused, in excess, broken, obsolete, disorganized or that makes you uncomfortable. My guidelines for stuff are: you either love it—it makes you smile or has a wonderful memory attached to it or you use it—it has a day-to-day utilitarian purpose.

Even if you aren’t as “type A” as me, getting your home organized can be a fun process. If you live with others, ideally you’d be able to get everyone involved, because we don’t all value our possessions the same way. Take into account what everyone you live with considers their “important” things.

simplicityUncover spaciousness—create breathing room—find simplicity.

Instead of having a home overflowing with stuff, why not choose a home overflowing with joy or spirituality or love?
Instead of being a consummate”collector of possessions”, why not be a “collector of life experiences”?

When you decide to live in a way that represents who you are, you acknowledge and honor your spirit. And, that’s a great way to create a peace-filled home.

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