The Present of Presence

It’s six days before Christmas. Emails regarding last-minute presents flood our in-boxes. Anyone we’ve ever purchased anything from has exactly what we need to finish our shopping! Mall parking lots are packed with cars. Stores have long lines. Frustrated, and sometimes frantic, consumers are trying to find: the right gift, the perfect gift, the gift that says, “yes I do pay […]


Giving thanks or being thankful is something we hear about often. But, in spite of that repetition, how often do we truly give thanks? Depending on where you live “thankful” is not only expressed differently, it’s felt differently. Many of us have the privilege of being able to be thankful for people who love us, good health, financial stability, a […]

Joyful Presence

A week ago, I went to the doctor because I was a bit “under the weather”. Scheduling doctor’s appointments because I’m sick isn’t something I typically do- not because I don’t believe in the medical profession (I do), but simply because I honestly don’t like entertaining the possibility that I’m unwell. Like every year, the week of […]