Yesterday’s Tomorrows

“Tomorrow […] comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands. It hopes we learned something from yesterday.” Marion Robert Morrison (John Wayne)   “Tomorrow, I’ll take better care of myself.” “Tomorrow, I’ll make smarter choices.” “Tomorrow, I’ll get enough sleep.” “Tomorrow, I’ll pursue healthier relationships.” “Tomorrow, I’ll […]


Last night, as I sat in the hot tub under my beautiful locust tree, I thought about the week that passed too quickly. The sky was sprinkled with stars and the air was still. This is my favorite season—the one where I can wear Birkenstocks and sleeveless tops, when the sun warms the ground we […]

White Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins….I’ll explain shortly It seems to me that a lot of folks work hard to “make everything perfect” when they entertain guests. I like to do that too—for me, it’s wanting my guests to know that their presence is important; that I care enough to “pull out all the stops.” (“Stops” control airflow in […]