Gratitude—Intentional Living

My friend, Karen, is a gratitude expert. Even after the sudden death of her beloved husband, she kept on thanking God—not only for the love she was lifted up by, but also for all kinds of gifts that most of us would call “little things”. Karen does volunteer work, running a resource center for the […]

Thoughts, Words, Actions—Intentional Living

There’s a lot of power in our thoughts. We forget that at times. On the road to living intentionally, it’s important to be aware of how what we’re thinking is affecting how we’re living. Quantum physics deals with what’s going on inside atoms, where subatomic particles interact with each other. Atoms combine to create molecules, which in […]

One Bridge at a Time- Crossing Troubled Waters

I had a conversation with a friend, who follows Peace Full Home/Intentional Living, about a story I wrote called  “Crossing Bridges”.  When we talked about the post she told me that there was so much there that it would have been helpful if I had broken it down into smaller segments. As always, I honor any […]